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Yes, LeBron James has an argument for G.O.A.T but so do many others

First and foremost, I want to go on record as saying I'm not exactly a huge fan of LeBron James. But, at the end of the day, I respect what the guy has done on the basketball court and its really hard to argue against his accomplishments.

Probably the biggest argument in all of basketball over the past five-to-ten years has been the comparison between James and the one and only Michael Jordan and argument of which is the G.O.A.T (Greatest of All Time).

You can easily argue for either man.

LeBron has won four NBA Titles and was the MVP in each of those title runs. He's been MVP of the entire league 4 times and a 16-time all star.

Jordan, well, he's won six NBA titles and was MVP each time his team won. He was the league MVP five times and a 14-time all star.

James has won NBA titles on three different teams, Jordan won all of his with the Chicago Bulls.

Jordan averaged 30.1 points, 6.2 rebounds and 5.3 assists over his 15-year career (missed one due to baseball dreams). He retired in 2004.

James, well, his numbers are 27.1 points, 7.4 rebounds and 7.4 assists. He's still active.

So the question still remains, who's the greatest? The answer isn't simple and the argument can be made for either of these guys along with a bunch of others: (in no real order)

--Kareem Abdul-Jabbar: Jabbar won six titles and six league MVP awards in 20 seasons.

--Magic Johnson: five titles, three time NBA MVP

--Larry Bird: three titles, three time MBA MVP

--Wilt Chamberlain: two titles, four league MVP's

--Bill Russell: 11 titles, five NBA MVP's

--Kobe Bryant: 5 NBA titles, on MVP

I could go on, but these are the people most NBA fans could list in their "Top 10" list, all of whom you could call one of the "Greatest".

Hey, I get it. Sports talk shows need to have the debate, need to have the argument; "Who's the greatest?" It's a topic for any sport at any level and there's always a cast of characters.

Back to the topic at hand.

There should not be ANY debate, LeBron James is one of basketball's greatest players of all time. There should be no debate about this. His list of accomplishments is almost too long to list here.

But he's not the only one. One thing the NBA has been blessed with over generations is at least one, if not more "Dominant" players at any given time.

Yes, I know full well, a lot will say Michael Jordan is the "GOAT" and it would be hard to argue against it. But the topic also depends on criteria. If you go by "Titles", well, Bill Russell won 11 championships, dwarfing anyone else you could argue for.

If you go by MVP's, Jordan is ahead. Titles with different teams, LeBron may be your guy.

It reinforces the point I've been trying to make and just said.

You can argue for almost anybody so maybe there shouldn't be such a vehement debate.

Is there anything wrong with saying a players is "One" of the greatest of all time? Or just plain calling them great?

For reasons I've never understood, there are a bunch of talking heads on TV who seem to dis-respect what James has accomplished which is an insult. You can say the guy isn't the greatest basketball player who ever played, but you can also argue he is. The evidence supports it.

Yeah, I know. The culprit is really the whole idea of debating or arguing the topic in the first place. It's what we now do over pretty much every and any topic you can think of and basketball is no different.

Enjoy athletes for what they are and what they do. Enjoy the effort and performance and respect that these people have a life and have individual thoughts like you and I. Enjoy and respect the work they put in to excel at what they do.

Just don't make or discount someone because he's not "Your" guy. It doesn't make anything they have done less important or not as good, it just means they aren't your favorite. And that's ok.

Sports, like many other things in life are an objective subject for fans and always have been. There's nothing wrong with that. Just respect the effort and respect the accomplishments, it's the least we can do.

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