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Why Won't the NFL Change it's Antiquated Overtime Rules??

Kyle Rudolph Touchdown Catch
Vikings Walk Off Win

If you watched NFL Wild Card Weekend the past couple of days, you got to see some old-school, super tense, close and crazy games.

You also got to see "Free Football" a.k.a. Overtime Football which in the NFL means the first team to score in Overtime, wins. Which to me...and a lot of other people is arguably one of the stupidest things the NFL does. And there's a really long list of stupid things in the game of Professional Football.

Sure, the New Orleans Saints fans will continue to be convinced the league has it out for them after the Minnesota Vikings were the first team to score in Overtime during their game on Sunday afternoon.

Yeah, sure this was a questionable no-call. You could easily make the argument Kyle Rudolph pushed off the defender to make room for the catch. For the sake of continuing said argument, it pushes the Vikings back 15-yards.

Okay, they then line up for a field goal from 35-yards (extra point distance). Would kicker Dan Bailey make the kick? He was 27 for 29 on the season so the answer 93+ percent of the time would be yes.

Game over.....

And that is the problem I have. Not the penalty, the system. The NFL is the only football league the plays first to score wins. It's a totally unfair system. It's a system who's only justification is that its the way they've always done it.

Sure, you could argue this: If you don't get the ball 1st and your defense stops the other team---you get the ball. Score and you win. Simple argument, I get the logic.

That's what happened in the Vikings/Saints game.

However there is less drama, less excitement and someone will always feel as though they were robbed because they never got a chance to do anything to win the game. I get it.

In College Football, they have what can essentially be called a "Shootout". Both teams get a chance to score, alternating possessions. If you get the ball on the 30 and score a touchdown, the other team gets a chance to do the same. Prevent them from matching the touchdown, you win. It's similar to the shootout Hockey and Soccer use and is a lot of fun.

The NFL has resisted that move and has had to deal with some star QB's not getting chance to perform in Overtime. Drew Brees never got a chance to get on the field during the overtime on Sunday.

I know as some random guy who likes to type out his thoughts on things that happen in Sports, very few if any will read this and say "Phil's right, we need to change this". But maybe if one person sees it and passes on the thought, eventually someone will do something about it.

But then again if the NFL has been consistent about one thing over the course of its history---it's this. Change happens slowly. Very, very, very slowly. Of all the major sports leagues, the NFL does not like to adapt and change. On at least 500 different levels, they are change resistant.

Look how long it took the NFL to acknowledge "African-American's" can play Quarterback just as well as anyone else can. Look how long it took them to address concussions and long-term injuries to former players. They don't like to do the right thing. Unless they are forced to.

Changing the overtime rule is not something that's likely to piss a lot of people off. Think about it....why would it??

Do you, or anyone else care if the league allows the College overtime rules to kick in?? Just watch a College game that goes to OT and tell me it's not fun to watch. The NFL Overtime rule is stupid and like many other things they do always manage to piss someone off.

It's time to change with the times Roger Goodell and Billionaire Owners. It's time to move the Overtime rule into the 21st century. Yes, I know, you don't want to change anything to a more modern look because things were better for you 30-years ago but guess what, change and evolution is what lif is all about.

Maybe it's time for you to join the rest of us and move forward, try to make things better for the future. You might find the majority of the world will appreciate you more for it.

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