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Why Is Your Day Ruined When Your Favorite Team Loses?

Maybe I'm just being grumpy during the holiday season, but I have another rhetorical type question to ask.....

Are you one of those people who gets angry or has your day ruined if your team loses on any given week?? Seriously. I want to understand the reason behind this thought process.

I consider myself a fan of teams in multiple sports: Miami Dolphins, Atlanta Braves, Atlanta Hawks and Atlanta United in pro sports and my alma mater Georgia Southern in College Sports. I always want them to win when they play and I try to watch games when I'm able.

But if they don't---my day...or night continues and I don't get online and trash the teams or players or coaches nor does my mood change at all. I simply say "Oh, well" and move on in life.

It appears based on what I see and read that I'm in the minority.

I have friends who will stay on social media bashing every and anyone having to do with their team during games. Not after. During. When the result is still in question. Why is this a thing? I really want to understand....the thought of doing that never crosses my mind.

Sure, I live in probably one of the worst parts of the U.S for such behavior--The South. I'm talking SEC Football fans in particular as the fan base for these schools are just insane. I mean, listen, I love my alma mater and want Georgia Southern to win whenever possible. If we lose, I don't start yelling and screaming saying the Coach sucks and needs to be fired and the players suck. I don't go online and start insulting 18-22 year old, inexperienced kids for not being perfect every time they walk onto the field.

Here's my problem with SEC Football fans. (And it is a big one):

In case you are wondering--Bulovas was Alabama's kicker who missed a Field Goal with around 2 minutes left in this years Iron Bowl. Mind you HE was not the reason Alabama lost to Auburn 48-45, but that's who some really angry--and stupid fans blamed. This also is one of the tamer "Angry Tweets" about him.

What motivates people to do this? Seriously, why would any sane, rational adult feel the need to threaten, insult or throw epitaph's at a 21-year old kid who's primarily function is to get a College Degree? Does it make people feel better about themselves? Does it make them feel empowered?

Do a search for Bulovas and you see people saying all kinds of crap including "They could kick better" which is beyond laughable until you realize the people saying it are serious.

I have friends who's social lives largely revolve around going to their alma mater's football games. Which is great, it's nice to be able to do that. It's nice and kinda homey to be able to revisit the campus where you went to school and be able to enjoy friends, tailgating and a good game. For me, I haven't been able to do it much since graduating Georgia Southern because my job, the schedule with my job and it honestly just isn't a huge priority in my life.

What I really want to know about the angry fans. I want to know what motivates people to do things like Harvey Updyke did years ago when he tried to poison the trees at Toomers Corner at Auburn. I want to know about the angry mobs who threatened to storm the Presidents Office at Tennessee if they hired Greg Schiano a couple of years go to be the Head Coach.

Why do you feel like you have the right to do things like that? Why does this affect your life so much you feel like this is something you "Have" to do? What possesses you to threaten players/coaches or administrators if your team doesn't win or perform up to "Your" standards. In College Sports, in theory you are supposed to support your school and celebrate when you win. When you don't, you live to fight another day. If you aren't attending said school or work for said school, why should you be so upset if they don't win?? Are you incapable of enjoying the game and continuing on with your lives?

Think about it like this: Do you see people at Akron making threats and trying to insult every and anyone on their football team? Akron went 0-12 this season. Yet the daily lives of the football players, fans, students and school employees continue to go on. They don't threaten each other, hurl insults and demand new coaches and players.

They wake up in the morning, their day starts anew and they live their daily lives not in anger. They aren't calling for everyone to be fired and the school to spend millions finding a new coach and building multi-million dollar shrines to lure recruits....

I know full well here in the South, College Football fans will sit there and say "It just means more". And to some extent, they're not wrong. But the question is "To whom?"....Venting frustration and anger towards an 18-year old freshman who makes a mistake during a game is more a statement on your life (or lack thereof) and your issues than it is their's. Sitting on your couch or barstool yelling at your coaches decision is just that--venting. There is NO universe where you know more than the coaches, players or administrators of any sports team. NONE....

But hey, in the world in which we live, I guess you can say whatever you want, whenever you want and that's what keeps a certain percentage of sports fans in the conversation. Much like life itself it isn't always about the importance or of being right in what you say, it is usually about who screams the loudest or makes the most insane statement or action that gets the most attention.

In this world of Billion Dollar TV contracts and players or schools making well over 8-plus millions of dollars a season, there are reasons to sometimes make impulsive decisions. But that decision is on a team owner, school administration or a coach. Not on fans or anyone else who claim to be one.

And that is why I ask the question. Nobody sitting in front of a computer keyboard, cellphone, TV or in the stands at a game has a true "Stake" in anything a Sports team does other than an emotional investment, so why do those same people feel they know more than the person who's job it is to make those same teams successful??

I know the question is somewhat rhetorical in nature and totally psychological in nature but I'm not like that in any aspect of my life

If you are, I want to know why.....

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