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Why are people so worked up over Tim Tebow getting another NFL shot?

Tim Tebow/Wikipedia

I'm here to ask a pretty simple question, or at least one I think is simple: Why do you care if Tim Tebow is getting another shot at the NFL??

What does it matter to you?

If you look at Twitter, it appears nearly every sports writer or so called "expert" thinks it is the single greatest idea they've heard this week.

Well, one thing is for sure: It gets Aaron Rodgers off the sports talk hook for at least a few days.

Going back to the question at hand, seriously, why do you care about Tebow? Why is him getting an opportunity to make the Jaguars something that is getting under your skin and making you crazy?

Me, I don't understand the obsession with the guy. He's 33-years old, he's not played an NFL down in over 8-years. For that matter, the guy really hasn't accomplished much of ANYTHING in the past 8-years.

Yeah, sure, he got a shot and played in the New York Mets minor league system for a handful of years making it up to AAA at one point. And yeah, love him or hate him, in order to accomplish that, the dude has to be a pretty darn good athlete. In order to make it to the NFL and nearly make it to the Major Leagues, you have to have some seriously skill and ability. I respect that.

But again, I want to know, why does the name Tebow suck all the air out of every room he's in? He's not a "bad person" by most accounts, he's allegedly a good teammate. But every time he gets connected to something, he's the total and complete focus of attention. Every TV report is about him. Every conversation, discussion and debate somehow turns to him.

If you look at social media, there's a segment of the populations calling his getting another chance at the NFL, "White Privilege". Many use it in the context of Tebow getting an NFL job while Colin Kaepernick continues being blackballed from the league. I get the implication, but I don't see necessarily what one has to do with the other. Two unrelated issues.

If you're saying "buddy system" because Tebow's former coach Urban Meyer brought him back, yeah, you're not wrong. That's pretty much the way it went down and the fact it's in Jacksonville makes it even less of a surprise.

I really think the hate directed towards Tebow is BECAUSE he's Tebow. When he's around for some reason every single writer/reporter in the room seems to pay attention to him, lavish praise and somewhat genuflect. Why? I don't know. In the NFL, he has and ALWAYS will be just another guy.


Hey, look it at like this. The Jaguars need publicity. Any kind of publicity. Even their choice of Trevor Lawrence as the first pick in the NFL draft hasn't given them universal attention and love. Neither has the hiring of Urban Meyer as head coach.

Tebow will do that. Like him or not, in North Florida, he will put butts in seats while he's around and will be the topic of nearly EVERY sports talk conversation. It will make the Jaguars relevant, at least for a period of time in their hometown where often they are second banana to College Football (see Gators, Florida) , That battle for local and regional publicity is really the only thing people in the area care about.

What they don't care of an NFL fan in Ohio or New York likes or dislikes the signing of Tim Tebow. Really, they don't care what random fans on social media say.

At the end of the day, the guy is going to have to earn his job. Everyone in the NFL does. Occupying a roster spot once the season starts is a big deal. If Tebow can't catch, can't block or can't play special teams, he won't be around long. The NFL for all of its warts is a business. If you're on the team, you need to be able to play if called upon and keep the team competitive.

Even Tim Tebow.

Hey, maybe I'm wrong, maybe he's a lock to make the team, even with his one year contract. Maybe it's true what some writers are saying that "He's being brought in to help change the culture in Jacksonville".

Which if that's what he's there for--fine, I get it. But if he makes the roster because of that and not because he earned the job, well, let's just say I wouldn't want to be Urban Meyer. Or Jaguars owner Shad Khan. The fallout--would not be good.

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