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Watching a Super Bowl Seems to be a Different Experience for Pretty Much Everyone

Celebration Screen Grab from Video

I don't know about you, but to me it was utterly fascinating to see how many different ways people interpreted what happened in the most recent Super Bowl.

Yeah, sure, it was largely me just following along on Social Media while watching the broadcast--but the reactions from people who didn't have a dog in the hunt (not a fan of either team), it's the event itself that often seems to be the focus of their attention.

For some, it's the commercials. There's a cottage industry of reactions for the commercials. Columnists, commentators and pretty much everyone watching at home, at a bar or any other place the broadcast runs has an opinion, they rarely agree.

There were some really strange productions, some funny ones and some that mentioned pretty much everything but the product.

This, to me was the one spot that emphasized product, told a fascinating story and damn near made me cry....

I did watch a little bit of the 227 hour pre-game show which mostly consisted of short, produced segments, a lot of sponsor product placement and gratuitous Fox Promotional opportunities. It was largely uninteresting, so much so that I finally had to turn it off and watch the last half-hour of the Puppy Bowl to keep from having my brain melt.

The game broadcast itself was good. I wouldn't call it amazing as some have, it was good. I didn't get the "Animated" player photos for graphics. It looked really Japanese Anime style and totally out of place.

Yeah, the other graphics, such as the score and stats, introduced for the game, looked good, streamlined and not distracting like the Touchdown Graphic.

The halftime show was excellent. No, it probably wasn't for everyone due to the fact it takes one person to be offended to make something controversial and well, there will always be at least one person offended by almost anything that happens in modern society.

Shakira and Jennifer Lopez put on a great, super hi-energy show and were the perfect choices considering where the game was played (Miami). Was it the best halftime show ever? No. Was it "Top 10"? Absolutely.

I think the most fascinating part of the game for me was seeing the reaction of people in Atlanta to San Francisco 49er head coach Kyle Shanahan. (I'm based in ATL)

The super bitter Atlanta Falcons fans, writers, sports people all spent most of the night mocking and making fun of Shanahan despite the fact he didn't actually line up, take a snap at QB or play defense.

For what it is worth--a lot of the criticism about not scoring at the end of the 2nd quarter seems to overlook the fact the 49ers WOULD have scored due to a long completion to TE George Kittle with less than a minute to go. However Kittle was called for pass interference and the play came back. Game over.

I get it, fans are fans and everything that doesn't happen is because of the coach, not the players making mistakes or bad execution. It wasn't like San Fran didn't have chances, QB Jimmy Garappolo missed a couple of wide open passes, including a potential game-breaking TD pass to a wide open Emmanuel Sanders, but hey #coaching

For others not in Kansas City of San Francisco, it was a nice touch to see Andy Reid get his Super Bowl title. Reid had been the butt of fan/sports talking head jokes for years about his "Clock Management" and for things similar to the Shanahan criticisms. No, they were not warranted. Reid's team won, he'll now forever be remembered as the amazingly talented coach he is instead of what he could have been.

Like I said at the beginning, the whole process of reacting to what happened in an event like a Super Bowl is totally fascinating to me. Listening to the breakdowns and assigning of blame after the game is even more mind boggling. I don't pretend to understand what motivates people to react like they do to a game they are only observing not playing and the vitriol and anger added to the sarcasm and passive aggressive critical comments, but I'm also not a sociologist.

I am fascinated with the reason or thought process of why and how sports fans react to games that sometimes don't even feature a team they identify with. I'm very interested to understand why there's anger or more importantly why it even matters to you.

I don't get negative or angry thoughts about sports teams and I've been a Sports nut/geek for my entire life. I don't understand why it impacts your day. I really want someone to explain to me why it bothers you so much if your team doesn't do what you think they should and why you know better than coaches and players about what should be done.

But then again, that might be more information about the mindset of some people than I probably should or want to know....

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