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Tom Brady Leaving New England is not Going to End as Well as You Think

Elvis is leaving the building....

Arguably the Greatest QB of All-Time in the NFL, 42-year old Tom Brady posted on his Instagram account Tuesday morning he would not return to the only team he's ever played for---the New England Patriots.

Yes, it is the only major topic of conversation in a world where there are zero active sports competitions going on. It seems as though every writer and talking head in existence seems to believe he's going to lead whichever team he goes to into a Super Bowl appearance next season.

I don't have their qualifications or backgrounds---but I'm here to tell you: They're wrong.

It's not a knock on Brady, the things the guy has accomplished over his 20-year career are unbelievable and likely never to be duplicated. Unlike many, I don't hate the guy, I respect him for what he's accomplished and how he's handled himself in a professional manner.

But--he's a 42-year old Quarterback who is also no longer capable of carrying a football team on his back. Brady does not have super elite arm skills, super elite speed or anything else other than experience and smarts.

Look at what happened with Brady and the Patriots in 2019. By all accounts, he had a good year. Not a great year, a good one with the caveat of lacking skill position players needed to break open football games. The Patriots finished 12-4 last season, but due to a final week of the regular season loss to Miami, were forced to play on Wild Card Weekend of the Playoffs. It didn't end well. The Patriots lost to the Tennessee Titans and never advanced.

Hey, maybe I'm reading this wrong and he'll bring some sort of magic to wherever he lands, but I'm skeptical. The teams linked to Brady's services at the time I write this: Tampa Bay, Miami or the Los Angeles Chargers (unless a surprise team emerges). Not one of those three teams finished with a winning record in 2020.

As much as we'd like to think the Quarterback is the reason teams win or lose---often they are not. While it arguably is the most important position on the field, there are 10 other players on offense and 11 more on the field playing defense. All it takes is one of those other 21-players making a mistake or missing an assignment and the play is over no matter what the QB does.

In no way am I trying to besmirch the accomplishments of Tom Brady, dude is the best gamer of all time. He willed his guys to wins in games they often should not have won more times than most of us can count. Brady also was fortunate to work under a coach who was thinking and creating in a different way then anyone else in the NFL and made it pay off in Bill Belichick.

Don't fret for New England or Belichick, they'll be fine. Don't fret for Tom Brady either, he may go to say a Tampa Bay and play with a fleet of great wide receivers in Mike Evans, Chris Godwin and Breshad Perriman and a coach who loves to throw the football in Bruce Arians and put up some crazy statistics, but he's not going to carry them to a Super Bowl.

There will be a shit-ton of fanfare wherever Tom Brady lands this summer. The city will go crazy, the team will believe a Super Bowl is going to happen. And maybe it will, but I don't think so. History proves that NFL Football players...or any other pro sports athletes decline at a certain point of their career, mostly having to do with their age no matter how great they once were. And as great as Tom Brady is and has been, he's also started to decline, he's not the guy he was 10-years ago and you cannot convince me otherwise.

I could be wrong in my thinking here---but I'm pretty sure I'm not. I guess we won't really know until the NFL starts playing games again, but hey, if nothing else, it gives us plenty to argue about while locked up in our own homes.....

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