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The NFL Playoffs Have Actually Been Fun to Watch

Yeah, I know there were missed calls, bad and sometimes mystifying decisions and some poor performances---but you know what: If you watched the NFL Playoff Games over the past two weekends, every single game has been fun to watch.

Fun is not always something associated with NFL Football games which can often be long, boring affairs featuring two teams doing not much of anything for 3-plus hours. The playoff--well, they've been anything but boring.


I know, right...who would have thought the Tennessee Titans, a team that barely made the playoffs would win their Wild Card game over New England and then beat top seeded Baltimore.

The NFC games have gone closer to script--but who would have thought Minnesota would have taken down New Orleans in the first weekend or Seattle would beat Philadelphia in Philly because Carson Wentz was concussed and backup QB Josh McCown would limp through the rest of the game with a torn hamstring??

The other crazy opening week game: Buffalo at Houston featured some of the most bizarre play calls and decisions a football fan will ever see before the Texans would win in Overtime.

The Divisional Round was almost as good: Kansas City rallied from a 24-0 deficit early in the 2nd quarter to score 41 straight points and beat Houston 51-31. Green Bay held off (Barely) the Seahawks on a cold winter night in Green Bay. Tennessee put on a defensive clinic and rode the gigantic legs of Derrick Henry to a win over Baltimore.

Yeah sure, I know, the 49ers dominated the Vikings in a typical, dull NFL game but thus far their game has been the exception rather than the rule.

I'm actually looking forward to seeing Kansas City and Tennessee square off in the AFC Championship and the Green Bay/San Francisco game in the NFL should be fun too.

The Chiefs high-flying, ultra modern offense with Patrick Mahomes throwing to Travis Kelce and a fleet of super fast receivers vs. the ball-control Titans with the massively dominant Henry and uber-athletic TE Jonuu Smith controlling the pace of play. It's mind boggling to think Tennessee beat Baltimore despite only throwing the ball 15 times (completing 8) for 83 yards.

By contrast, the Mahomes threw the ball 35 times (completing 23) for 5 TD's for the Chiefs.

In the NFC, San Francisco is much like Tennessee. The 49ers ran the ball 49 times vs. Minnesota while QB Jimmy Garoppolo only threw 19 passes the entire game. Green Bay was a little more balanced vs. Seattle but when you are facing Aaron Rodgers, the Niners better be on their best behavior.

I'm guessing a lot of people will tune in to the games this coming weekend and really, they should. No, none of the games feature the "Brand Name" teams like New England or a New York team but in the NFL that shouldn't matter so much.

Before you ask, yes, there were some questionable calls in all of these games by the referees but in the overstuffed, super high resolution camera world in which we now live, that will be a never-ending issue. Anyone who lets things like that impact their view or perception of the games needs to lighten up. Imperfect calling has been a part of every sport since the dawn of sport. That isn't going to change nor should it.

It's time to sit back, relax, enjoy your favorite beverage or snack and just enjoy the games for what they are. It's not often I can say I've enjoyed watching NFL Football, the games are often way too choppy due to the zillion and a half commercial breaks but when at their best, the games are fun, exciting, entertaining and dramatic.

Let's just stop reading into it too much and enjoy the performances while they last. You....and I...can go back to bitching about the NFL later.....

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