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The NFL Needs to Do the Draft Remotely Again

I don't know about you---but this years "Remote" NFL Draft was the most fun event I've seen the stodgy league of old habits do in probably forever.

Everything about it was great. It was not predictable, it was homey, it was humorous and it had feeling---something the NFL's Spring hurrah often lacks.

From the Social Media Jokes....

To the guys getting picked while at home with their family, it made a great argument for breaking with the silly tradition of going to some far off town with all the pomp and circumstance and formality seem like a distant memory.

Seeing reactions like this:

Makes everyone involved look relatable. Yeah, sure there were forced attempts at humor such as Roger Goodell (a.k.a The Jolly Roger) trying to recreate the cascade of boos he receives every year to kickoff the festivities, but even Goodell had his moments of spontaneity and fun....looking like almost anyone watching and devouring the snack sitting in front of him.

The production was fantastic--the folks at ESPN should be applauded for pulling off an event featuring 100+ different video streams spread amongst multiple control rooms at their massive Bristol, Connecticut studios. To do what they pulled off with nary a technical hiccup or glitch is absolutely amazing.

The event itself, sure, it was welcome relief to a country largely homebound due to the Covid-19 Pandemic and for Sports fans, finally a "Live Event" instead of an endless string of days watching Netflix.

All of that contributed to the uniqueness of the event. All of that made it fresh, interesting, humorous, relatable and more. Which is why it should be done again.

I'm not advocating every year, I don't know that it would be practical and it certainly would lose the creativity and originality of 2020's draft. But every once in a while, it would be nice.

I mean, come on, how can any of us resist laughing at things like Bill Belichick's dog holding down the draft fort for him??

Or seeing the audacious home of Arizona Head Coach Kliff Kingsbury's home which looked like it was straight out of a movie shoot...

Or perhaps the most surreal and bizarrely hilarious set-up of all, the home of Tennessee Titans Head Coach Mike Vrabel on Day 1....

No, I still haven't heard an explanation of this which makes any kind of logical sense--but hey, you do you Vrabel family.

That's why we should have the draft like this on occasion. Doing it every year would make things like the Vrabel's become ordinary. Doing it every 3 or 4 years would make it an adventure.

Come on NFL, do it. Stop trying to milk cities out of money every year and be daring, be creative for once. Do the draft remotely every 3 or 4 years.

You and your fans will never.....ever regret it....

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