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The NFL is Overflowing with Shitty Football Teams

Maybe I'm biased because my favorite team, the Miami Dolphins are deliberately tanking and trying to be the worst team in the NFL this season. But it's also really hard to explain just how bad a jarring amount of NFL teams are currently playing.

So much so that it's borderline painful to watch the product. Which is something the league really, really should be concerned about.

Between the Dolphins, Bengals, Falcons, Redskins---you are talking about a combined 2 wins. Then there are the Bears, who've somehow managed to win 3 times---without amassing over 300 yards of offense yet aren't the worst offensive team in the league--that would be the Jets, averaging 220 per game.

The list should also include teams like Cleveland and Tennessee, the Raiders, Broncos and Chargers and the Lions....all teams who aren't quite as awful as the first four teams listed in this column---but watching their games is like watching paint dry on a fence post.

Maybe its because I live in the South, where College Football is and always will be king, but I'd rather watch the unofficial professionals play. The games are far more exciting.

I know---having my team be awful before ever playing a game may also be clouding my judgement, but I have ZERO interest in the NFL this season. I'd like somebody----anybody to try convincing me the game is better than ever. Because if you ask me, it isn't.

If you've read my content in the past---you may know I said the NFL has "Jumped the Shark". I really, really believe it. Maybe I'm just old, maybe I'm just a snarky curmudgeon who doesn't like anything---but I don't see NFL football as being "Exciting" anymore.

Sure, at times, it can be passable for entertainment on a Sunday afternoon---on TV, but I do not understand how---or why someone would drop $100 for A ticket, another $50 on drinks and concessions and $20-$50 to park and go watch a crappy product in person. The game is choppy, full of "Breaks" for TV and moves like baseball only with people running into each other.

Seriously, I want to know. What is it about dropping $200 per person to go to a game that is fun and exciting to you? Especially if I can sit on my couch, in front of a 60 inch HDTV screen with food I cooked or beer that I like and watch if I'm so inclined?

I want someone to explain how they get motivated for games next week including: The Chargers at Chicago, the Giants vs. Detroit, Tampa Bay at Tennessee or the Jets at Jacksonville. Seriously, what is the appeal of these games to anyone? All of these teams play mediocre football on a good day. None of them have a legitimate chance to win anything other than the game. No playoffs, no Super Bowl, no nothing.

Yet 50-60,000 people will go sit in the taxpayer funded stadiums to see each of these teams play with a few hundred thousand more watching on TV. I don't get it. Baseball and Soccer are far slower paced with slightly less scoring but it's very skill and strategy focused. Basketball and Hockey are much faster paced with action happening all over the place for long stretches of time, yet NFL Football is somehow still king.

I know, before you say it---I said earlier I still love College Football and it's true, I do. This despite knowing before the start of the season who will be playing for the Championship and that my team never will. College Football is far more unpredictable than the NFL and far more exciting because of it.

But I digress.....

The point of my story/rant is this: The NFL should be better than ever with the most elite of athletes making incredible plays repeatedly throughout the games. Yet it isn't. It's become a game littered with marginal players and overpaid and over their heads coaches with 15 minutes of action during a "60 minute game" which actually runs about 3 hours in real time.

Yes, I'll still watch on occasion in part because there's nothing better to do on a late fall Sunday afternoon. But mark my words---the glory days are over. The NFL has never been worse and it isn't going to get better.

Prove me wrong!!!!

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