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The NFL adds another game: Will they stop at 17?

Could it be....the "Never-ending Season"??

One has to wonder after the NFL made it official by adding the long rumored 17th game starting with the 2021 season.

It's part of what I believe is the league's quest to be in the headlines and top of the sports/news shows all year long. Though I should add, with the exception of a slow period in mid-summer, they kind of do dominate headlines most of the year.

Game #17 means no exhibition game #4, which isn't the worst outcome most got of the decision as the last practice game largely exists for rookies and players on the roster bubble to get a longer look to see if they truly are worth keeping around.

In theory it also means pushing back the Super Bowl yet another week into February. It's something the NFL doesn't have an issue with, but I suspect it won't make pretty much any other major sport happy.

It also means the end of the 8-8 team. It means odd number scheduling and less likely ties in the standings. What's most worrisome though is it means yet another on the record, full speed game for players to get injured.

Mind you, the players were not totally against the proposal. Some for, some not. It means more money in their pocket and more money in the owners pocket--which to be honest is the main reason for this.

But like I said earlier: I still think it's about year around global domination. If there's 17, there eventually will be 18. Though I would add that's not likely to happen before the next labor deal in 2031. Right now the NFL and its players are working under a new deal that limits the amount of regular season games to no more than 17.

Between a slightly longer season, the major production now known as schedule release and free agency--it seems like we're always talking NFL.

Then there's the "Draft". The NFL Draft is a near year-around event even if it is only held over three days. Almost every week it seems someone has a "Mock Draft". Every week it's the primary topic of discussion on the "National Talk/Opinion" shows. Maybe not as much locally--but very much the national shows.

Every major website (ESPN, CBS Sports, NBC Sports,, Bleacher Report, SB Nation and more) features at least someone who's job it is to create a potential "mock draft".

Mind you NONE of them are ever totally correct and it changes almost weekly. It does not stop the promoting and pushing out on consumers. I mean seriously, does anyone really think some random writer posting a draft projection in July for the following years draft really know what they're talking about? It's a total and complete guess.

Trades, free agency, drafts, off-season practices, OTA's and a very long season. All of this makes the NFL maybe not a 24/7/365 game, but it comes awfully damn close. Yes, I know, they are the proverbial "elephant" in the room, the big boys of ratings. It's something they've taken advantage of for years.

I know I kind of deviated a bit from the topic at hand. I'm not totally against the 17 game season if it means one less practice game like I mentioned at the beginning.

Exhibition games are strictly practice though NFL teams put one over on their fans with season tickets by making them pay full price.

But its the NFL. Everything is about making a buck. It's the main reason why they and the other professional sports exist. It's life....we should just deal with it.

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