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The NBA Should Change the Logo to Honor Kobe or Anyone Else Worthy

The parade of tributes to fallen NBA Superstar Kobe Bryant continue to overwhelm coverage of the Super Bowl. Athletes, Announcers, Fans and more continue finding ways to honor a guy that many called their athletic hero which is understandable considering he was taken from us in the true Prime of his life at Age 41.

One of the many ways people have tried to pay respect is an online petition to ask the NBA to change their logo from an image of Jerry West to an image of Kobe. It's an honorable thought/request and in theory there is nothing wrong with it as the logo has not been updated in going on 40-years.

For those not aware, the current logo features the outline of former Los Angeles Lakers Guard Jerry West, a Hall of Fame player and Hall of Fame front office executive who has done a list of things far too long to mention as one of the greatest players in NBA history.

However---here's my concern should the league decide to change the logo to Kobe: It sets a precedent you can't go back from. Think of it this way: What if Michael Jordan suddenly passed away? How or what would you do to honor the guy most consider the Greatest of All-Time? Same thing for Dr. J. or Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. What do you do to honor them? Each and every one has a legitimate case as an equal to Kobe.

I don't know--maybe there is a good compromise here. Maybe you take you use the logo as an honorarium to great players for a few years after they pass. Maybe you use it to memorialize them upon their death. There is not an easy answer to the question.

Listen, I'm not hating on anyone--honestly, the NBA needs to update the "Logo", no question about it. Make the first revision Kobe Bryant if you'd like. Got no problem with that. But let's not stop there.

At some point, the other retired greats--and there are a lot of them, are going to need acknowledgment. No question, no argument or debate that Kobe is a "Top 10" all-timer. But like I said, you still have Mike, Bill Russell, Kareem, Magic, Julius Erving, Tim Duncan all worthy of being memorialized in NBA history no matter what happens from here.

Why not try to get the NBA to rotate the "Logo" why not use it to honor players past and present, players with awards and acknowledged greatness. It's as good a way I can think of to utilize the "Logo"....

How 'bout you??

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