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The Match was a Lot of Fun and Needs to be Done More Often

From @espn on Twitter

I didn't get to watch the whole version of "The Match: Champions for Charity", but the parts I did see and the recaps I'm reading tell me this....we need to see this type event again.

We got to see four Sports Legends get together on a very rain soaked Golf Course and have a great time, all in the name of charity. That's right, the event raised nearly $20 million for those affected or impacted by the Covid-19 outbreak.

Tiger Woods and Peyton Manning vs. Phil Mickelson and Tom Brady, four legends who really seemed to enjoy the whole thing despite a fairly steady rain.

There were jokes aplenty, good natured ribbing and sometimes some not-so-great golf as almost everyone had a laugh at Brady's struggles on the front 9.

The Tampa Bay QB got the last laugh--for awhile, when he deposited a 100 or so yard wedge shot neatly in the cup at the 7th hole for a birdie...and a $100K donation by PGA Tour Golfer Brooks Koepka who pledged the money if Brady could birdie...or par any hole on the front-9.

Chuck would be NBA Legend and match analyst Charles Barkley...who to be perfectly honest, can't really make fun of many people when it comes to their golf games. Brady went to get the golf ball, this happened:

All in all, despite the mega millionaire status of the participants, the event mostly came across as four buddies zooming around a golf course just having a good time like any one playing a foursome on a Saturday morning for beer money.

The Turner Sports Production was solid, despite the off and on driving rain and having Barkley and even current Tour Pro Justin Thomas on the broadcast lent some fun and some um, interesting commentary.

I say that because somehow #PhilMickelsonsCalves started to trend on Twitter during the match.

This is a side of all these guys we don't normally get to see and it might be why the whole thing was so much fun.

Let's hope these type things continue---maybe it is just the want for any kind of "Live Sports", but I'd watch these type matchups with guys busting each others chops for 4-plus hours on a golf course any day.....

What about you?

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