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The Dirty Dozen and Bottom of the Barrel: Why not the Group of Five?

Why not Cincinnati? Or why not BYU for that matter? Barring a huge escalation of the Coronavirus pandemic (bigger than now), we're still closing in some version of a College Football Playoff.

And in 2020, a season where pretty much anything that probably shouldn't happen, has, this might...or should be the year a Group of 5 team makes the playoff.

Who says it has to be some combination of Alabama, Clemson, Georgia, Florida, Notre Dame or Ohio State?

Seriously, an no, don't call me Shirley....

I would be willing to wager both Cincinnati and BYU could at least run with any team on this list outside maybe Alabama. But there is little to no chance of it ever happening.

Which kinda sucks--but neither program has the cache' of the other six and at the end of the day it's all about brand recognition, right?

Anyway, enough of my soapbox--there's another reason we're here and that's to find out the best and worst teams this week in College Football.

And predictions.

Here's the running total for the week. 8-2 this past week due to um, some postponements. It brings the season tally to 43-13 which is pretty good. Right?

So getting that all out of the way, to steal a quote, "It's on with the countdown"...


  1. Alabama 6-0: Well, it appears the only thing that could slow down the Tide is COVID-19. And last week, well, it did. NO game doesn't hurt them though because honestly, I don't think anyone is beating them this season (assuming it finishes). This Week: vs. Kentucky; My Pick: Alabama 37, Kentucky 10

  2. Notre Dame 8-0: Count me as impressed. I was expecting a let down vs. a pretty good B.C. team last week. It didn't happen. Ian Book has gotten better each week and that helps. A lot. This Week: BYE

  3. Ohio St. 3-0: I don't really care they've only played three games. They've been that good. Justin Fields is still my Heisman pick right now. We'll find out if the dream will last, soon. Very soon. This Week: vs. Indiana; My Pick: Ohio St. 35, Indiana 27

  4. Cincinnati 7-0: Surprise! The Bearcats are in my top 4. And I'm pretty confident they're going to stay. They have all the elements of a great team and on any given know the rest. This Week: at UCF; My Pick: Cincinnati 43, UCF 41

  5. Florida 5-1: You're probably saying why are the Gators not Top 4? Well, its because they lost a game. That matters. Yes, Kyle Trask is probably #2 to Justin Fields in the Heisman race, but it's my poll. So losses matter. This Week: at Vanderbilt; My Pick: Gators 51, Vanderbilt 17

  6. Clemson 7-1: At the end of the day, if/when healthy, the Tigers may end up in the Top 4. But they aren't right now. There are times when you have to earn your place. Let's see if they're up to the task. This Week: at Florida St.; My Pick: Clemson 47, FSU 21

  7. BYU 8-0: They're going to run the table. And Zach Wilson is going to get Heisman votes. Boise St. is there big win though which unfortunately may not be enough. It might get them in the pick 6 though. This Week: vs. North Alabama; My Pick: BYU 47, N.Alabama 7

  8. Indiana 4-0: Anyone have the Hoosiers leading the Big 10 east? They're technically a half game up. The defense has been pretty good, the offense not as much as you'd think. But they have a chance. This Week SEE #3

  9. Texas A&M 5-1: Well, they only lost to Alabama so that's good. They beat Florida. Yeah, they struggled with Vandy and Arkansas, so maybe that's a sign? This Week: vs. LSU; My Pick: Aggies 35, LSU 21

  10. Wisconsin 2-0: So, yeah, they're undefeated. But the Badgers only played twice. Beating on crappy Illinois and Michigan isn't getting you further than this right now. That could change. This Week: at Northwestern; My Pick: Wisconsin 34, Northwestern 23

  11. Oregon 2-0: So far, so good. Two games. Two wins. Not impressive, but wins never the less. Unless something changes, the short schedule will keep them out of any potential playoff. This Week: vs. UCLA; My Pick: Oregon 43, UCLA 31

  12. Coastal Carolina 7-0: A big week for the Chanticleers. They've beaten all comers. And they've been statistically one of the better teams in the country. That I don't think is going to change. This Week: vs. Appalachian St.; My Pick: Coastal 34, App. State 31

Like I said, it is still fairly clear who the first three teams are going to be in the College Football playoff. Sure, there might be an upset or two before it's over and let's hope we get the rest of the season finished.


Yes, things are a bit less complicated at the bottom. Sure, it's a year of chaos and postponements but its not really a good excuse for being a bad football team.

5. Penn St. 0-4: Welcome to the jungle Penn Staters. Sure, maybe you've been unlucky but your coach has made some really weird game decisions this year. Maybe things will improve, they can't get much worse. This Week: vs. Iowa; My Pick: Penn St. 27, Iowa 23

4. Vanderbilt 0-6: Nope, unlike PSU, there is little to no chance of escape for the Commode Dores this season. They have nothing. They can't score, they can't defend and they have a tough schedule to finish. This Week: vs. Florida (YIKES!); My Pick: See #5 in the Dozen

3. South Florida 1-7: Maybe they finish the season, maybe they don't. Technically, the Navy game planned for this week still might be played. And then there's the finale with UCF. Yeah, maybe it's better if they're finished. This Week: vs. NAVY (PPD)

2. Louisiana-Monroe 0-8: Nope. They haven't had a chance. Not since the season started. It's not bad luck either, they just aren't good. No offense/no defense equals no wins. Period. This Week: BYE

1. Kansas 0-7: Yup, if you've read past seasons of my column, it's nowhere near the first time KU has been here. Les Miles was never the answer to fix this. Neither is the AD who hired him, Jeff Long. While the Jaybirds technically haven't clinched the worst-of the worst title yet, they're well on their way. This Week: vs. Texas; My Pick: Texas 53, Kansas 13

And so concludes another week College Football fun. Make sure to check out our end of the week College Football wrap-up podcast, The Review. You can find it by following us on Facebook, Twitter or YouTube. Just look up @OSGSports or Downloading the OSG Sports App. It's free. Look up OSG Sports at the Apple Store or Google Play.

Ed Disclaimer: This is published on Wednesday's throughout the season. It's always possible some of these games still may be PPD before kickoff....

Enjoy a classic from one of my favorite albums and favorite bands of all-time:

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