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The Dirty Dozen and Bottom of the Barrel: Who Let the Dogs Out?

Thanks for Playing UGA

So---it took 7 weeks, but we finally got the first "Upset" game that changes the game, or chase for the College Football Playoff.

((Don't forget the Podcast if you want to hear thoughts on all this))

The Georgia Bulldogs went down in a blaze of, uh, misfortune or hangover time when they lost an absolutely ugly game to 20+ point underdog South Carolina.

Maybe we shouldn't believe all the hype. Maybe we should listen to the "Preseason" exalted Grand Pooh-Bah's who annoit the great and less great teams in College Football before they play the game. It also shows the margin for error is pretty dang slim. Make a bad coaching decision or have your 18-21-year old players trying to coast through a game they don't appear interested in....and you have things like this.

Needless to say---it impacted a lot of things and also made a big, big statement---at least to me: The SEC is Alabama, LSU and everyone else. I would argue Auburn and Florida should be in the Top 10, but that's it.

Enough pontificating...let's get to the reason you're here. Predictions and Polls.....

Last Week: Pretty good if I do say so myself, 11-2

Overall: Impressive, 69-12. Yup....69-12 Deal wit it....

Enough about me though, let's get "On with the Countdown"....


1. Ohio St. 6-0: Right now this is the best team in College Football. Prove me wrong. They do it all. Yeah, the schedule hasn't been compelling but they look great. Time to finish though and we'll see if the Buckeyes are up to the task

This Week: at Northwestern; My Pick: Ohio State 47, Northwestern 17

2. Alabama 6-0: Don't get me wrong. Bama is good. Very good. Scary good on offense. Only pretty good on defense. Don't be surprised if it doesn't bite them in the ass before the season ends. Yup, I said it....

This Week: vs. Tennessee; My Pick: 'Bama 41, Tennessee 13

3. LSU 6-0: The Tigers are for real. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise. Joe Burrow looks like a different guy in 2019. And that's good. Great, great win over a game Florida team last week.

This Week: at Mississippi State; My Pick: LSU 37, Miss. State 23

4. Clemson 6-0: Dabo's boys came back from the BYE with a vengeance, flattening an overwhelmed Florida State. They're going to run the table---might as well get used to it kids.

This Week: at Louisville; My Pick: Clemson 45, Louisville 27

5. Oklahoma 6-0: The Sooners are lurking on the edge of Playoff Contention. Don't be surprised if they make it. Alex Grinch is teaching them the value of defense and Jalen Hurts is putting up video game numbers. Need we say more?? This Week: vs. West Virginia; My Pick: Oklahoma 51, W.Va. 21

6. Wisconsin 6-0: The Badgers have given up 29 points in 5-games. Almost 6 a game for those who failed math. They are pretty good. Are you excited to see them play Ohio State in 2-weeks? I am....

This Week: at Illinois; My Pick: Wisconsin 31, Illinois 6

7. Penn State 6-0: Wait, where'd these guys come from? Another really tough Big 10 team and as good as they are, they may not be better than 3rd in the conference. A good win for James Franklin last week in Iowa.

This Week: vs. Michigan; My Pick: Penn State 27, Michigan 23

8. Florida 5-1: Not going to penalize the Gators for a tough loss AT LSU. They look like the real deal. How has Kyle Trask not started a football game until this season? He's made them a totally different team.

This Week: at South Carolina; My Pick: Florida 28, S.Carolina 17

9. Notre Dame 5-1: The Irish escape with a tough win over Southern Cal....Are they a Top 10 team? Debatable. Ian Book and company have done enough and if they can beat Michigan in two weeks---you are talking about a probable 11-1 season.

This Week: BYE

10. Oregon 5-1: Yes, I know, they lost to Auburn to begin the season. This is not the beginning of the season. The Duckies have gotten better each week and little did we know--the defense has only given up 25 points, the last 5 games.

This Week: at Washington; My Pick: Oregon 43, Washington 31

11. Boise State 6-0: Wait, what? A group of 5 team? Yup. Exactly. The Broncos just win baby. There's a really, really good chance Boise is running the table this season. That should get them at least in the Pick 6. But it probably won't.

This Week: at BYU; My Pick: Boise 42, BYU 24

12. SMU 6-0: This is my poll and if I think two Group of 5 teams belong--then deal with it. Prove me wrong.....The Mustangs yeah, they got lucky in beating Tulsa in 2-OT's and maybe they wouldn't be the good Big 10 or SEC teams. Bet none of them want any part of SMU this season either.

This Week: vs. Temple; My Pick: SMU 47, Temple 41

Also Receiving Votes: Auburn, Baylor, Georgia, Minnesota and Missouri...


So...I've said before, the Barrel giveth and the Barrel taketh away. Congrats to Tennessee for getting a big win over Mississippi State and jumping off the list. You earned it. There are plenty of contenders to take your place....

5. Georgia Tech 1-5: Ew---the Yellow Jackets have played like they are avoid someone spraying bug spray in the area. They're not really very any statistical category. That usually puts a team in this position.

This Week: at Miami; My Pick: Miami 37, Ga. Tech 17

4. Vanderbilt 1-5: Pity poor Derek Mason. A good man who has had some success in Nashville. This season though is likely his undoing. 110th on Offense, 124th on Defense means you are a painfully bad football team.

This Week: vs. Missouri; My Pick: Mizzou 45, Commode Doors 10

3. Rice 0-6: Nope, we haven't forgotten the Krispies after they stunningly managed to avoid losing to the Bye week. Unfortunately there's nothing really good or interesting I can say about them either.

This Week: at Texas San-Antonio; My Pick: UTSA 27, Boiled Rice 10

2 (tie) New Mexico St 0-7, Rutgers 1-5: I can combine these two since they have experienced similar futility. Sure, Rutgers opened with a win over UMess (Mass) but it's gone downhill from there fast. The Aggies---welp, only 5 games there's that.

This Week: NM State vs. BYE; My Pick: Bye 44, NM State 22 and....Rutgers at Minnesota; My Pick: Minnesota 41, Rutgers 3

1. Akron 0-6: Zip-ah-dee-doo-dah....uh, boy. No, the Zips haven't scored zip in a game yet this season. But they haven't won either. Somehow they managed to lose to UMess and follow it up with a lonely Field Goal in a loss to Bowling Green....

This Week: vs. Buffalo; My Pick: Buffalo 35, Akron Zip.....

Also receiving votes: UMess, UConn, UCLA......

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