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The Dirty Dozen and Bottom of the Barrel: Who Can it be now??

So, are we surprised yet? Anyone go out on a limb and pick someone other than Clemson, Alabama, Georgia, Ohio State or Oklahoma? Well, okay, LSU, you get a seat at this table right now too.

The Dozen ebb and the Dozen flow but in College Football, we all have a pretty good idea who will be standing when the season reaches it's conclusion.

No, not this guy....

College Football like every other sport is a battle of attrition---where we find out not who has the best starters, but often the best bench.

Ooopsie, a bit of a slip-up last week. 9-5 last week (not good by my standards). But then again, there were a few surprises. Come-on, admit it. You didn't pick USC to smoke Utah either.

That brings the grand total to: 35-7 which, really, folks is pretty damn good. And why you should rely on me for all your expert takes on the College Football season.


Okay, enough about me---time to get on with the Countdown:


1. Clemson 4-0: Do I think the Tigers are the best team in College Football this season? Um, maybe. But--they are the most likely team to remain undefeated...and, well, tell 'em Naitch:

This Week: at North Carolina (yikes!); My Pick: Clemson 49, UNC 13

2. Alabama 4-0: Yup, same 'ol story here. The Tide look like the same juggernaut they always do. No challenges so far, schedule will eventually get tougher.

This Week: vs. Ole Miss; My Pick: Bama 41, Ole Miss 23

3. Georgia 4-0: Great win vs. Notre Dame. Tough 'ol fashioned football in that game. Loved to see it. The Dawgs just have wave after wave of players. It matters. A lot....

This Week: BYE

4. Ohio State 4-0: The Buckeyes trailed 5-0 at one point vs. Miami,OH last week. After that, they proceeded to outscore Miami 76-0. Need we say more?? A team in need of a test which may...or may not come.

This Week: @Nebraska; My Pick: Ohio St. 40, Nebraska 27

5. Auburn 4-0: It hasn't always been pretty, but the Tigers are winning. And getting experience. Enough that you should be worried if you're in the SEC West.

This Week: vs. Mississippi State; My Pick: Auburn 31, Miss. State 17

6. Oklahoma 3-0: Not sure what to think here. They keep putting up PlayStation points on awful teams. Which is their thing. Eventually they'll play Texas but outside that is there a worthy challenger?? This Week: vs. Texas Tech; My Pick: Oklahoma 53, Texas Tech 21

7. LSU 4-0: Okay Tiger fans, I like what the offense has grown into. But even you'll admit there are defensive concerns. The schedule is brutal--survive and you're in the drivers seat.

This Week: BYE

8. Wisconsin 4-0: Congrats Badgers fans, you passed your first test. Arguably you are a perennial early season champ. But it's not how you start. The schedule is not awful, but you tend to gag when it counts.

This Week: vs. Northwestern; My Pick: Wisconsin 41, Northwestern 28

9. Florida 4-0: Welp, it looks like the Gators might have found a good QB. Kyle Trask has been excellent so far. He's got another week to get his footing because the schedule is real after this week.

This Week: vs. Townson St.; My Pick: Florida 37, Townson 10

10. Notre Dame 2-1: Heck of a fight the Irish put up. Hard not to be impressed. They may not be Playoff level good, but I wouldn't want to play them to get in either.

This Week: at UVA; My Pick: Virginia 27, Notre Dame 24 UPSET!!!

11. Texas 3-1: Really good win over Okie State last week, the Longhorns seem to be getting better each week. Maybe not elite--but I'm looking forward to see if they can push Oklahoma.

This Week: BYE

12. California 4-0: The fighting Justin Wilcox's are getting better. Maybe after Utah's gag job, the Bears are the best of the West?? Maybe?? This Week: vs. Arizona State; My Pick: Cal 37, Arizona St. 31


Welp, UCLA actually pulled off a miracle. And that will get them off this week's list. But Vanderbilt will gladly move in and take their place. The rest of these teams---well, it's about to be October, so the season is closer to finished.

5. Vanderbilt 0-3: It's all uphill from here, right? The Commodores have played 2 of the Top 7 teams in the country to start the season which isn't easy for anyone. Maybe they'll leave too??

This Week: vs. Northern Illinois; My Pick: Vandy 23, N.Illinois 21

4. UTEP 1-3: Welcome back Miners, welcome back. The arguably worst team in College Football the past couple seasons is back--with a vengeance after losing to Nevada last week. The only question is will they stay.

This Week: at Southern Mississippi; My Pick: Southern Miss 34, UTEP 10

3. Rice 0-4: The Krispies are close. They've only gotten hammered by Wake Forest and Texas, losing close games to Army and Baylor. But they're winless and that matters.

This Week: vs. Louisiana Tech; My Pick: La. Tech 28, Rice 21

2. Akron 0-4: Whoa! I didn't realize the Zips average 46 yards rushing a game. Yikes! The good news, they have a chance at a win this week with your ugliest game of the season so far coming this week.

This Week: at UMass; My Pick UMass 17, Akron 16

1. UMass 0-4: The Minutemaid's are rightfully at THE Bottom of the Barrel, the only question is will they stay there? Much like UGA/Notre Dame was the Game of the Century this year last week, this is "The Game of the Century" this week.

This Week: SEE ABOVE

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