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The Dirty Dozen and Bottom of the Barrel: What's up with that, what's up with that?

Mmmmm.....candy. The backbone of ever kid...and I guess adults Halloween, right? If you're wondering why I bring this up, it has to do with this spectacular post-game interview Mike Leach provided after his Mississippi State Bulldogs laid the smack down on Vanderbilt 45-6.

Why the reporter chose to ask about Halloween candy? God only knows. But it was truly one of the more inspired riffs I've heard in a very long time. Bravo!

In the meantime, we had some pretty weird and arguably spook stuff happen this past week in College Football. Oklahoma QB Caleb Williams literally stole the ball from his RB while trying to avoid being tackled to get a key first down in a oddly close game against usually hapless Kansas.

And Illinois beat Penn State in 9 overtimes. Yes, 9. The two teams went to the bizarre NCAA 2-point conversion rule after the second overtime. And, well, it did not go well. Until it did.

Which leads me to breaking down last week's predictions.

12-2. Pretty good, right? Technically I suppose you could ding me for not even being remotely close and thinking Oklahoma was going to slaughter Kansas, but hey, a win is a win and we aren't picking spreads here.

That makes me 61-15 on the season, which all in all is pretty damn good.

But enough about me....


  1. Georgia 7-0: To be da man, you gotta beat da man. There is little to question here, maybe the starting QB, which to this point hasn't been an issue. But they are playing in the "World's Largest Beverage Party" this weekend and strange things often happen there. Not this time. THIS WEEK: vs. Florida; My Pick: Georgia 43, Florida 13

  2. Cincinnati 7-0: No, they should not be dinged for a close shave at Navy. It happens. It happens to every single team in College Football. They've been consistently good which means more than the casual critics give them credit for. THIS WEEK: at Tulane; My Pick: Cincinnati 37, Tulane 20

  3. Alabama 6-1: Yup, I know, they lost. But they're better than just about everyone else. In a season where nobody outside UGA is dominating, I don't think anyone but the 'Dawgs has a chance vs. the Tide. THIS WEEK: BYE

  4. Ohio St. 6-1: After a rough start, they've become dangerous. The defense is a question but man, C.J. Stroud is quickly becoming one of the best QB's in the country. It's not going to be easy the next few weeks though. THIS WEEK: vs. Penn State; My Pick: Ohio St. 31, Penn St. 17

  5. Michigan 7-0: Yeah, I know. Maybe the aren't worthy of this. But the fighting Harbaugh's have surprised most all of us by running the table so far. Can they keep it up? I don't really know. The defense is pretty good, the offense has done just enough, will that get them past Michigan St and Ohio St? That remains to be seen. THIS WEEK: at Michigan St.; My Pick: Michigan 27, Michigan 23

  6. Oklahoma 8-0: They've barely escaped just about everyone so far. I have no idea how or why they let Kansas stick around but they did. Caleb Williams is proving to be a very good QB which helps, but not if you can't stop anyone. The close calls are going to come back and haunt them at some point. THIS WEEK: vs. Texas Tech; My Pick: Oklahoma 41, Texas Tech 25

  7. Michigan St. 7-0: Kudos to Mel Tucker's team as they continue their return to glory. They've gotten better every week but are they good enough to crack the Ohio State/Michigan line? Not yet. At least I don't think so. THIS WEEK: SEE #5

  8. Ole Miss 6-1: Yes, you're reading this right. The fighting Lane Kiffin's are in the top 10. Dude is that good of a coach and he has the perfect QB to run his offense in Matt Corral. That matters. Much, much more than you'd think. THIS WEEK: at Auburn; My Pick: Auburn 33, Ole Miss 31 UPSET!!

  9. Oregon 6-1: No, I don't love this choice. But despite their warts, the Duckies are better than the teams right behind them. Not by a lot, but I'd choose them in a matchup with any of them. Expect them to win the Pac 12, the question will be is that enough to get into the playoff? THIS WEEK: vs. Colorado; My Pick: Oregon 43, Colorado 13

  10. Kentucky 6-1: Another team I really like and who is very, very tough. The Wildcats are big, strong and getting deeper. Maybe they aren't ready to run with Georgia, but they certainly can run with just about everyone else. THIS WEEK: at Mississippi State; My Pick: Kentucky 31, Ole Miss 23

  11. Pittsburgh 6-1: Wait, an ACC team? What's up with that.

Yes, the single funniest ongoing skit on Saturday Night Live the past few years. They need to bring it back. Every week!

But enough with the jokes. Pitt is good. Kenny Pickett has made it to the Heisman conversation and the ACC is wide, wide open. Why not Pitt? THIS WEEK: vs. Miami; My Pick: Pittsburgh 38, Miami 31

12. Texas San-Antonio 8-0: It's the honorary having a great season pick here. The Roadrunners have avoided the Coyotes and are in the midst of a fantastic season. Maybe they don't run the table but right now at 8-0, we'll give them some cheap love. THIS WEEK: BYE

Also under consideration....well, honestly, nobody.


And then there are worst teams. A list that narrows but comes much clearer by the week. If your team is on this list, well, um, sorry. It sucks to be you. And before you say it. My team isn't on it, but we aren't far away.

5. Kansas 1-6: The fighting Leopold's showed some grit in scaring the bejesus out of Oklahoma. In a way, I would have loved seeing them win the game, but alas, there is an order to the barrel and Kansas has been a charter member of this list. THIS WEEK: at Oklahoma State; My Pick: Oklahoma St. 31, Kansas 17

4. UNLV 0-7: The runnin' Rebels, yeah, um. Not so much. I'll give them this, sure, they've lost all seven games, but most of them have been somewhat close. And that matters. THIS WEEK: at Nevada; My Pick: Nevada 43, UNLV 27

3. Arizona 0-7: The dead Fisch's still haven't scored more than 20 points this season. Which is a pretty good reason why they're sitting where they are. They just are not good. Not good at all. They don't do anything well and they, they're not good. THIS WEEK: at USC; My Pick: USC 40, Arizona 19.

2. UConn 1-8: Can we all agree this is the country's worst FBS program over the past 10 years? Well, at least the Huskies are there with Kansas and UMass. Sure, technically they won a game, but it was against FCS Yale, and they barely won. THIS WEEK: BYE (no, they can't lose)

  1. UMass 1-6: Yay Minute-men. No, the 59-3 loss to Florida State was not a surprise to me. Maybe to Jon. But that's another story for our College Football podcast "THE REVIEW". Heck, maybe they win another game this season. But then again, maybe they don't. THIS WEEK: at Liberty; My Pick: Liberty 47, UMass 6

And there we have it. Also receiving consideration: Ohio, New Mexico State, Southern Miss and Georgia Southern.

With that, I'll leave you with more "What's up with that". Mostly because if you've seen the skit, you can never say it enough.

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