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The Dirty Dozen and Bottom of the Barrel: What's happening now?

I have a better chance of winning at Japanese Horse Racing

Uh, I don't know about you, but I'm kind of questioning the idea of trying to predict things that will happen in 2020. Specifically football, though I suppose the statement could apply to pretty much every facet of 2020 life.

Yeah, sure, there are constants. Alabama just reloads and wins. Clemson rolls and Dabo Swinney doesn't want to be questioned (see his newer from Saturday) and everyone loves Notre Dame. Until they lose.

This past week brought the return of the Big 10. With it came the return of Ohio State and specifically all-world QB Justin Fields who proceeded to open with a 20 for 21 passing performance in a really easy win.

It also brought us this--after Coastal Carolina beat my alma mater Georgia Southern:

Yeah, while I hate that they beat Southern, I have to tip my hat to the celebration. It was quite good.

Speaking of celebrations--last week we went 8-3. Not bad, but not up to previous standards. It make us 14-6 for the season. Still not bad.

Time to break out of the rut, don't ya think?


  1. Clemson 6-0: What's the big deal? So the Tigers didn't win 73-7 for the second week in a row? The sky is hardly falling in Northwestern South Carolina, not every week is going to be perfection. This Week: vs. Boston College; My Pick: Clemson 43, BC 13

  2. Alabama 5-0: Hated seeing Jaylen Waddle go down on the opening kickoff, but it hardly mattered vs. Tennessee. 'Bama just plugs someone else in and keeps rolling. Can anyone stop them? Not right now. This Week: vs. Miss. State; My Pick: Alabama 41, Mississippi State 21

  3. Ohio State 1-0: They sure didn't LOOK like a team starting a season 5 weeks after everyone else. If Justin Fields and company were shaking off some rust, the Buckeyes may pass the two teams ahead of them. Not now though. This Week: at Penn State; My Pick: Ohio St. 37, Penn St. 27

  4. Notre Dame 5-0: No, I didn't take them seriously. And then they steamrolled an ok Pitt team last week. Questions still abound, but at 5-0. They get the bump up this week. This Week: at Ga. Tech; My Pick: Notre Dame 44, Ga. Tech 23

  5. Georgia 4-1: They had an extra week to lick their wounds after 'Bama week. They'll bounce back, but questions remain. I like Stetson Bennett IV but I'm not convinced the 'Dogs win a title with him. This Week: at Kentucky; This Week: UGA 33, Kentucky 13

  6. Oklahoma St. 5-0: I like how this team plays defense. I'm not totally sold on the offense which is like the reverse of every other Big 12 team. The schedule gets a lot tougher, are the Gundy's up for it? This Week: vs. Texas; My Pick: Okie St. 31, Texas 27

  7. Cincinnati 4-0: Yup, I have the Bearcats in the top 10. Why not? What's not to like? Don't give me the "not power 5" crap either. This is one of the 5 or 6 best teams in the country right now. This Week: vs. Memphis; My Pick: Cincinnati 35, Memphis 31

  8. Michigan 1-0: The jury is still out on Michigan getting "over the hump" with Joe Milton at QB. But week 1 was a good start. They're going to have to be explosive to compete with Ohio St. Let's see if it holds. This Week: vs. Michigan St.; My Pick: Michigan 43, Mich. State 17

  9. BYU 6-0: How long since the Cougars have been here? Yeah, I can't remember either. But hey, they've got a good chance at running the 2020 table. A showdown with Boise State may be the only hurdle. This Week: vs. W. Kentucky; My Pick: BYU 40, W. Kentucky 17

  10. Wisconsin 1-0: I don't like ranking the Badgers this high because EVERY single year, they let us all down. They're never fast enough to beat Ohio St. or even Michigan very often, but the early hype never fails. This Week: at Nebraska; My Pick: COVID-19 for the win, game PPD

  11. Oregon 0-0: I know. They're a Pac 12 team who hasn't played. But by default they're as good as anyone outside the Top 5. We're just going to have to wait to see it. I'm ok with that. This Week: NOT PLAYING

  12. Coastal Carolina 5-0: Yes, the Chanticleers. They are the pride right now of the better than given credit for Sun Belt. They dominated last week without star QB Grayson McCall. Impressive. This Week: at Ga. State; My Pick: Coastal 47, Ga. State 31

Meanwhile, the Barrel continues to roll on with little to no changes right now. Good is good I guess..and bad is bad. Or bad knows bad. Or something like that.


5. Rice 0-1: The Krispies are back. Ordinarily I'd spare them this indignity in the first game of the year, but....The Fact the lost to MTSU. Largely due to a FG attempt that bounced 4-times on the crossbar before falling to the ground in FRONT of the goalposts. They get the honor...This Week: at Southern Miss; My Pick: Rice 23, S.Miss 17

4. South Florida 1-5: What a fall from grace. This was a breakout program not long ago. Now they struggle to compete, never mind win. Maybe the break out of their slump, but until it happens, at 1-5, you belong here. This Week: BYE

3. Texas State 1-6: It's hard to believe some teams are 7-weeks in. Though really, has anyone noticed Texas State is almost done already? Anybody? Bueller? We wish this team luck because they haven't hit the heart of the schedule. Yet. This Week: vs. Louisiana; My Pick: Louisiana 47, Texas St. 21

2. Kansas 0-5: Well, so far...absolutely nothing good has happened for perennial bottom feeders, Kansas. They just are not good. I said it a couple years ago, as much as we love Les Miles, he's not gonna be able to fix this train wreck. This Week: vs. Iowa State; My Pick: Iowa St. 37, Kansas 10

1. Louisiana Monroe 0-6: There's a really good chance they run the table in 2020. It's one of those things. The only question being can they hold off the perennially plunging Kansas squad?? This Week: vs. Appalachian St.; My Pick: Appy St. 51, La. Monroe 10

And so goes another week in the College Football world. After this week, we cross into November and eventually the Pac 12's return. No, it isn't going to change much but if we've learned one thing in 2020, it's don't expect the usual to happen when the crazy weird might happen instead.

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