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The Dirty Dozen and Bottom of the Barrel: What Does it all Mean??

There are times where life and College Football seem to overlap and the confusion both offer have to be dealt with in some form or fashion.

Yeah, I know it's kind of a deep thought but since the end game (College Football Playoff) is drawing near, we already have the College Football thing kind of figured out.

It's a given that some combination of Ohio State, Clemson, Alabama, LSU and maybe Florida or Georgia and maybe Oregon will be your Playoff teams. The others are just pretenders. That means Oklahoma, you threw it all away by losing to a better than we thought Kansas State team.

No, I'm not going on a Phil Collins riff here, yes, he's still alive, no I don't want to see him in concert any more than you do. And really, since almost everyone is playing BYE Week this week, arguably I could have put The Cars fav "Bye, Bye Love" here instead.

So....about last week. It actually wasn't too bad, 10-2. Had Rutgers actually played like Rutgers instead of a passibly good team and Oklahoma played like a balanced football team, it would have been another undefeated week.

The grand total now stands at 90-18, and that friends is pretty damn good.

But, enough about me, lets get on with the countdown...


1. Ohio State 8-0: Yup. Ohio State. I'm sticking with them. No, it's not Justin Fields and J.K. Dobbins that makes me say this, it is Defensive Monster Chase Young. Young appears at least for now--to be your best player on the best team. Nobody in the Big 10 is beating these guys this year.

This Week: BYE

2. Alabama 8-0: The Tide did not miss a beat with Mac Jones under center. 18-22 for 235 and 3 TD's against a horrible Arkansas team gave Jones some much needed experience. Tua will be back for the LSU game which should be the most hyped game of the century this season next week.

This Week: BYE

3. LSU 8-0: Ok, so they beat Auburn and are very, very good. But Auburn's defense did slow them down and dinged up several key players. The Bayou Bengals are really good, we're finally going to find out if they are elite when they go to Bryant-Denny Stadium.

This Week: BYE

4. Clemson 8-0: There's a reason we haven't heard much from Clemson this season. The ACC is like a bad horror movie where nobody can challenge the big bad heavy. We won't find out how legit Clemson is until the Playoff.

This Week: vs. Wofford (wait, who?); My Pick: Clemson 53, Wofford 3

5. Penn State 8-0: By default. Yes, the Nittany Lions are pretty good. Surprisingly even. Yes, they've beaten both Big 10 Michigan schools but there are questions. We'll find out pretty soon if they are legit.

This Week: BYE

6. Georgia 7-1: No, I'm not sold on the Bulldogs. The defense is pretty good. The offense is a problem. It's hard to tell if it's the WR's who can't separate, the line who might be overrated or the Offensive Coordinator who is vanilla and not attacking anyone. If someone figures it out, maybe they still have a chance.

This Week: vs. Florida; My Pick: Georgia 27, Florida 23

7. Florida 7-1: The Gators have taken care of business for the most part and played surprisingly well considering injuries. They match up well with Georgia this week it's going to come down to a few plays to see who wins.

This Week: vs. Georgia; My Pick: SEE #6

8. Oklahoma 7-1: Ok, maybe they aren't as good as we thought. Or they thought. Yeah, sure, Jalen Hurts has put up Video Game numbers--but everyone does in Lincoln Riley's offense. I thought the D had turned a corner but Kansas St. exposed them---again.

This Week: BYE

9. Baylor 7-0: Yup. Baylor. They technically are your Big 12 leaders at this time. And why not? Yes, I'm aware of the backstory and no, I still don't know how they keep getting good players in Waco. But they do. And Matt Ruhle is a damn good coach.

This Week: at West Virginia; My Pick: Baylor 37, W. Virginia 23

10. Oregon 7-1: If it quacks like a Duck.....yes, they were lucky to escape Washington St. with a game winning field goal. Yes, it's a bad sign because they may be the Pac 12's best...or they could lose the next three games. Who knows?? This Week: at USC; My Pick: USC 31, Oregon 29 UPSET!!!!!!

11. Utah 7-1: Maybe the UTES are the Best in the West? Right?? Outside 30 points USC scored on them, nobody has gotten more than 17. But they play out West so nothing is guaranteed.

This Week; at Washington; My Pick: Utah 27, Washington 25

12. Minnesota 8-0: Wait? The Gophers? 8 and 0? Is P.J. Fleck a voodoo shaman? I'm so confused---and then I looked to see how tough the schedule has been. And I gave them this ranking so they can say they made it...once.

This Week: BYE


So, now what do we do? Rutgers won. And sort of convincingly. I guess it thins the herd or something like that as I don't have to cram in a bunch of crappy teams into 5 slots.

So there is that.....

Oh, UConn somehow managed to beat UMess and get Randy Edsall some sort of bonus for having a pulse. So the Huskies leave the Island---for now.

5. UTEP 1-7: Welcome back Miners fans, we missed you this season. For those unaware, UTEP has also been a former Barrel champ but they opened the season with a win (barely). Reality caught them shortly afterwards---hence the return.

This Week: at North Texas; My Pick: North Texas 41, UTEP 17

4. Rice 0-8: Another Texas team (sensing a trend) that is, has and probably always will be awful. But hey, "Football!".....The Krispies aren't embarrassing on defense, offense though is a different issue.

This Week: vs. Marshall; My Pick: Marshall 33, Rice 10

3. UMess 1-7: Oy, UConn dropped 56 on them last week. Ooof, it's hard just to type that. The MinuteMaid Men are, well, technically still playing College Football. Four more thrashings and it will all come to an end though.

This Week: vs. Liberty; My Pick: Liberty 56, UMess 7

2. New Mexico St 0-8: Good god....the Aggies are a prime candidate for relegation though hey, on the bright side, they still have to play yeah, I guess I'm saying there's a chance.

This Week: at Ole Miss (yikes!); This Week: Ole Miss 51, New Mexico St. 12

1. Akron 0-8: Each of other teams in our poll owe the Zip-ah-dee-doo-dahs a debt of gratitude because however bad they are, they aren't Akron a team who hasn't scored in their last 10 quarters of football (2.5 games). Yeah, it's hard to top that....

This Week: at Bowling Green; My Pick: Bowling Green 2.5, Akron--zip....


Music please (in honor of almost everyone on the BYE this week):

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