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The Dirty Dozen and Bottom of the Barrel: What'cha Gonna Do??

What'cha gonna do when the Power 5 Teams gonna run all over you? Brother......

Yeah, College Football is the extreme in Have's vs. Have Not's...which in most cases--the Have's win.

Then there is UCF.

Whom very few take seriously compared to the Clemson's, Alabama's, Ohio State's and Oklahoma's of the world.

Maybe more of us should after the Knights ran up, down around and past a supposedly pretty good Stanford team.

No, unfortunately they won't play one of the following (all the playoff contenders): Clemson, Alabama, Georgia, Ohio State, Oklahoma or LSU....And there's nothing any of us can do to change that.

Oh, um, changing gears a bit---Did I mention I was 15-0 last week with my picks. Yeah, you read that right 15-0!!!! For those keeping track, it makes me 26-2 for my 1st two weeks of the season.

Yeah, I guess I'm getting a bit WWE heavy here this week. Well, anyway....


1. Clemson 3-0: Crusin...on a Sunday afternoon. You can go ahead and pencil the Tigers in for one of the 4 playoff berths. There's nobody left on the schedule/ACC who has near enough to run with these guys. The only question is the seed. As the defending champ, Ric Flair says---

This Week: vs. Charlotte (not the Flair); My Pick: Clemson 53, Charlotte 6

2. Ohio State 3-0: Hey, wait, what about 'Bama?? Well, THE OSU have barely broken a sweat this season rolling up points and wins. Justin Fields has been everything they'd thought he'd be and more. This Week: vs. Miami (OH); My Pick: tOSU 47, Miami 10

3. Alabama 3-0: Surprise--the young Tide D struggled with South Carolina and Ryan Hilinski. Really the defense was the only concern for them. Plenty of time to get better though as the schedule is pretty soft. This Week: vs. Southern Mississippi; My Pick: Bama 43, Southern Miss 13

4. Georgia 3-0: Do not sleep on this team. They are big, strong, fast and ungodly deep. Close your eyes and they'd be a vintage Alabama team. Kirby's boys worked out the kinks, found some new weapons and this week--get their first test. This Week: vs. Notre Dame; My Pick: Georgia 37, Notre Dame 21

5. Oklahoma 3-0: Another year, another Heisman at QB? They look like every Sooner team for the past 5-years. Literally. This Week: BYE

6. LSU 3-0: I like the Tigers. I said it last week, the new offense is the best thing Ed Oregon could have ever gifted the program which was stuck 10-years behind everyone else and just getting by with sheer talent. Now they've got a system that optimizes it and we all need to be scared. This Week: at Vanderbilt; My Pick: LSU 45, Vanderbilt 23

7. UCF 3-0: Yes, you read this right. The Knights are ahead of a lot of teams. You could say the first 6 are the "Elite", UCF leads the next group. Seriously, they are that good. Watch them play. This Week: at Pitt; My Pick: UCF 33, Pitt 21

8. Notre Dame 2-0: The Irish have had it pretty easy so far. That changes this week. Going to Athens is a tough assignment for anyone. While Ian Book and company are pretty good...this might be a bit much for them to chew off. This Week: SEE #4

9. Utah 3-0: Do not sleep on the Utes. This is the best defense in the west. I like this squad to win the Pac 12, the only question is whether or not they run the table. If they do, the Utes are Pick 6 shoo-in, but will not get to the playoff because the Pac 12 is pretty bad this year. This Week: at USC; My Pick: Utah 27, USC 20

10. Auburn 3-0: Another team whom we are about to find out if they are for real. Bo Nix and company have played pretty well so far, though the last two games have been more like exhibitions. This Week: at Texas A&M; My Pick: Aggies 37, Tigers 33 UPSET!!!!

11. Wisconsin 2-0: So, the Badgers haven't given up a point in 2019. And are averaging 55 per game. Can that continue? We're about to find out if they're real or a mirage and then there's always the loss they shouldn't have which appears in November. This Week: vs. Michigan; My Pick: Michigan 24, Wisconsin 17

12. Florida 3-0: We're about to find out if the Gators can score without the sometimes erratic Felipe Franks at QB. They barely escaped Kentucky without him. They have 2 games to find out if Kyle Trask is up to the task. This Week: vs. Tennessee; My Pick: Florida 31, Tennessee 24


Congratulations are in order to perennial Barrel Championship contender Kansas. Les Miles apparently is on to something as the Jayhawks went to Boston and actually beat Boston College. Go figure....

5. UCLA 0-3: Give the Fighting Chip Kelly's credit--they're consistent scoring 14 points in each of their 3 losses. The so-called offensive genius Kelly oversees the Nation's 129th ranked offense (out of 130). Chew on that....This Week: at Washington St.; My Pick: Washington St. 47, UCLA 14

4. Georgia Tech 1-2: Sorry Jacket fans, losing to Citadel will put you here. I understand how you are rebuilding and Geoff Collins is trying to run with Paul Johnson's players. But you still should be beating the FCS Citadel's of the world. This Week: at Temple; My Pick: Temple 31, Ga. Tech 27

3. Rice 0-3: Yup, the Krispies are a perennial Barrel contender, this year is no different. Being bad on both offense and defense (ranked in the 100's), will do that to a team. This Week: vs. Baylor; My Pick: Baylor 35, Rice 17

2. Akron 0-3: The Zips are living up to their nickname. No MAC attack in Akron this season as they are easily the worst of the MAC East where nobody has a winning record thus far. This Week: vs. Troy; My Pick: Troy 41, Akron 21

1. UMass 0-3: Poor, poor UMass, they've lost to 3 pretty bad teams and have yet to hit the heart of their schedule. If anyone is a candidate to be regulated down to the FCS, the Minutemen may be it. This Week: vs. Coastal Carolina 38, UMass 10

Folks, we are starting to get into the Conference schedules and thusly we'll see some better games than what we've seen so far (yes, there have been some crazy good games too).

Stay tuned---as always in College Football, the best is yet to come.....

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