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The Dirty Dozen and Bottom of the Barrel: We got the beat!!

Well now, we've made the turn to November, the home stretch of College Football if you will. And outside knowing the Georgia Bulldogs are currently the best team in the game, really, we don't know much.

We know there are a lot of things that will likely change this month but hey, isn't that what makes it fun?

Yes, this is one of the greatest musical groups of all-time and love that they went in to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in the same class as MY favorite group of all-time, the Foo Fighters. But that's a whole different subject.

Back to the topic at hand though.

I don't know about you, but watching Georgia score three touchdowns in roughly one minute of game action vs. Florida this past weekend was a "holy shit" moment. I don't know that I've ever seen that before. Two turnovers, two quick offensive touchdowns and a pick six touchdown. Boom! Game over.

And an unbelievable performance by Michigan St. RB Kenneth Walker III who runs for five TD's vs. Michigan. That's absolutely amazing.

So yeah, all that happened this week. And the College Football Playoff poll's first week happened. It was bad. Really bad. I don't pretend to understand the criteria for that other than to say it comes across as a complete popularity contest.

Speaking of popularity....

It's time to recap last week's picks. 10-3. Not bad. Not up to our standards, but not bad. It makes me 71-18 for the season which is pretty good. Right?

This is the part where we talk rankings and predictions. Yeah, I know, I've ranted incessantly about how much I hate rankings, how stupid and random they are and yet I do them too. Honestly, I do them just to mix it up and try to throw a different and sometimes less popular view of things. It's because things like the AP Poll, the Coaches Poll and the College Football playoff are weighted heavily on what the name of the school is as opposed to that school proving their worthiness on the field.


  1. Georgia 8-0: Is there really any doubt? Maybe they win the Playoff, maybe they don't. But the Bulldogs sure the heck look like the best team in College Football right now. And that matters. THIS WEEK: vs. Missouri; My Pick: Georgia 43, Missouri 13

  2. Cincinnati 8-0: Yeah, that's right. You got a problem with that? We reward excellence, not names. The Bearcats have done everything they've needed to and shouldn't have to be better than everyone else. Beating Notre Dame in front of Touchdown Jesus should matter. A lot. THIS WEEK: vs. Tulsa; My Pick: Cincinnati 37, Tulsa 21

  3. Alabama 7-1:How can you vote against the Tide? Losing to Texas A&M, eh, shit happens. Struggling with Florida and Tennessee? A win should be a win, right? Do you really think they wouldn't beat most everyone else? Yeah, didn't think so. THIS WEEK: vs. LSU; My Pick: Alabama 35, LSU 21

  4. Ohio State 7-1: Wait, but I said I'm going against type here. Well, the Buckeyes lost but they're still better than almost but not everyone else. C.J. Stroud is a bad, bad man and if they figure out how to stop opponents, they could run the table. THIS WEEK: at Nebraska, My Pick: Ohio State 27, Nebraska 23

  5. Michigan State 8-0: See, Walker, Kenneth III. Dude is incredible. 5 TD's this past week? Get outta here! Is Spartie for real? Well, they beat archival Michigan, what else do they have to do? Well, beating Ohio State would be a big step. THIS WEEK: at Purdue; My Pick: Purdue, 31, Michigan St. 21 UPSET!!!!!!

  6. Wake Forest 8-0: What? Yeah, why not? The Deacs are undefeated, the leader in the ACC and a senior laden team that likely won't fold. Sam Hartman is legit. Seriously. Dude can play football. You should watch these guys play, they're pretty impressive. THIS WEEK: at North Carolina; My Pick: Wake Forest 36, North Carolina 32

  7. Oregon 7-1: If it walks like a duck....yada, yada. Oregon hasn't exactly been pretty, but they've won. Except when they didn't. (See Stanford). I'm not sold on this being one of College Football's four best-- but then again, the committee really hasn't asked for my vote. THIS WEEK: at Washington; My Pick: Oregon 33, Washington 17

  8. Oklahoma 9-0: The Sooners look renewed with Caleb Williams but questions still remain. The defense is not stellar and the offense while good, is not great. But they also have time to fix things. THIS WEEK: BYE

  9. Baylor 7-1: Hear me out. The Bears can play friends. They are pretty well balanced and very well coached. And that matters. A lot. They won't win the playoff but might have a say on who does. THIS WEEK: at TCU; My Pick: Baylor 36, TCU 24

  10. Notre Dame 7-1: Another in the long line of good but not great teams. They only lost to Cincinnati which isn't something that should ding them yet probably is. The Irish likely will finish 11-1 though raising the usual questions if they get a playoff spot because of who they are? THIS WEEK: vs. Navy; My Pick: Notre Dame 27, Navy 17

  11. Michigan 7-1: Another shaky squad who's getting the nod a little bit because of who they are. Jim Harbaugh probably is in his last days here as he was a big culprit in the crushing loss to Michigan State last week. THIS WEEK: vs. Indiana; My Pick: Michigan 24, Indiana 10

  12. UTSA 8-0: The Roadrunners get the nod because they're undefeated. To us, that matters. If you can run the table you should have earned at least a shot. In any university excpept the all flash and no substance world in which we live. THIS WEEK: at UTEP; My Pick: UTSA 35, UTEP 27

We're not doing an "also under consideration" because this week--I don't feel like anyone is worthy IMO


For most teams stuck in the vortex known as the barrel, "You can check out any time you like, but you can never leave". It was true when Don Henley sang it for the Eagles and it's true today.

5. UNLV 1-7: It's a good thing the Rebels are based in Vegas. Doesn't everything that happens there stay there? There are worse places to be on a struggling team. And UNLV is definitely that. THIS WEEK: vs. New Mexico; My Pick: New Mexico 31, UNLV 10

4. Arizona 0-8: I'll say this---at least the Wildcats put up a fight this past week in a 41-34 loss to USC. It didn't help them win, but hey, baby steps, right? This week vs. Cal; My Pick: The Cals 36, Arizona 21

3. UConn 1-8: Finally, the Huskies got a week off. And it was a week where they didn't lose a game. And they found out Conference USA is interested in possibly adopting them. It's a good week to be a UConn football player. Oh, wait, there's still 3 games left? Uh oh...THIS WEEK: at Clemson; My Pick: Clemson 31, UConn 0

2. Kansas 1-7: Come on now....y'all lost 55-3 to Oklahoma State? Just a week after nearly upsetting Oklahoma? You can so do better than that. Oh, wait, sorry. Got Kansas confused with someone else. THIS WEEK: vs. Kansas St. My Pick: Kansas State 55, Kansas 3

  1. UMass 1-7: Ooof The Minute-men gave up 62 to Liberty last week. Yikes! That ain't good friends. Everyone on the schedule except UConn have hit them for 42 or more points this season and I don't think that will change. THIS WEEK: vs. Rhode Island; My Pick: Rhode Island 28, UMass 10

And so we wrap up our look at college football. Do you like or agree with this? Let us know. And tune in to our PODCAST, THE REVIEW every Monday as we talk about everything that happened over the course of the College Football week and look ahead at the upcoming schedule.

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