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The Dirty Dozen and Bottom of the Barrel: The Price is Not Right

Come on' down! You are the next contestant....

We're almost done with College Football's regular season and really, what do we know? Nothing has been normal, though for the most part the teams we expected to be good are good, at least when the are able to play.

If you read my previous column you probably already know Ohio State's game with Michigan got canceled leaving the Buckeye's a game short of qualifying for the Big 10 Championship game.

At least until the Big 10 Athletic Directors meet and change the rules allowing the 5-0 Buckeye's to play in the title game. Although, to be real, they're likely going to the College Football Playoff either way.


I know, I keep saying the same thing over and over again. I'll stop.

Last week, my picks were 9-3. It makes me 73-21 on the season. Yes, COVID claimed 3 games which sucks, but is part of it this year.

I'll cut to the chase here and get on with the countdown...


  1. Alabama 9-0: Devonta Smith is the best player in College Football. I'm will to stand on that hill and fight over it. He won't win the Heisman, but he should. In the meantime, his team is far and away better than everyone else. No debate. This Week: at Arkansas; My Pick: Bama 41, Arkansas 23

  2. Notre Dame 10-0: The regular season is done, but the Irish made their point. Ian Book and company have gotten better each week. I don't think the ACC is doing them a favor by giving them an off week, but that's another topic. This Week: BYE

  3. Clemson 9-1: Yeah, I know. The Tigers are good. And yeah, no matter what happens in the ACC title game, they're gonna be in the playoff. We'll see if they can beat Notre Dame a second time. This Week: BYE

  4. Florida 9-1: What? Yup. The Gators. Kyle Trask is that good. Kyle Pitts is even better. The defense only has to be passable. They're gonna finish 10-1. This Week: vs. LSU; My Pick: Florida 47, LSU 27

  5. Ohio State 5-0: They're Florida with half the games played. Some bad luck with the COVID hurts but rules should be rules. Not being ahead of UF in my poll won't keep them out of the CFP though. This Week: vs. Michigan; Canceled COVID-19

  6. Cincinnati 8-0: My poll, my thoughts. I think the Bearcats could hang with anyone this year. I say that knowing the odds of beating Tulsa twice in two weeks aren't good. This Week: at Tulsa; My Pick: Cincinnati 34, Tulsa 24 (update PPD COVID-19)

  7. Texas A&M 7-1: I'm not as high on the Aggies as you are. Are they better? Yes. Are they elite? No. Yes, they beat Florida early, I'm not sure that happens if they played again. But I could be wrong. This Week: vs. Ole Miss/PPD COVID-19

  8. Indiana 6-1: They aren't pretty but just win. They are as old school Big 10 as it gets. And its good enough this season. Tom Allen will and should get "Coach of the Year" votes. This Week: at Purdue; My Pick: Indiana 21, Purdue 13

  9. Coastal Carolina 10-0: What! Yup. Did you see them play BYU? They ground out a tough win vs. a bigger, deeper team. By running the ball down their throats. I love it! This year, why not? This Week: at Troy; My Pick: Coastal Carolina 34, Troy 10

  10. Miami 8-1: The Canes went 3-weeks between games and didn't miss a beat. If you don't think QB's matter, D'Eriq King took them from an average team last year to this. This Week: vs. North Carolina; My Pick: North Carolina 43, Miami 41 UPSET!

  11. Oklahoma 7-2: They've looked more like vintage OU the past couple weeks as Spenser Rattler gets experience. No, they aren't a CFP team, but still may get their Big 12 title. This Week: at W.Virginia; My Pick: Oklahoma 37, West Va. 27

  12. Iowa St. 8-2: Matt Campbell has done wonders here. Especially after losing week 1 to Louisiana. Brock Purdy has his best game last week. This week, the Cyclones get to rest and wait for Oklahoma. This Week: BYE

Yeah, I know, none of this is guaranteed because it is still early and it seems like one game gets canceled late in the week....every week.


There are so many teams who could land here, but we can only take five. It's been a rough year for a lot of programs, some of them big names.

But the Barrel is unforgiving, especially to those "Big" programs struggling. There is but one more opportunity to change their fate...

5. Vanderbilt 0-8: Not much has changed for the Commode-dores, having the UGA game PPD, just puts off the inevitable. I'm still hoping they'll let Sarah Fuller either kick a FG or Extra Point. But that would require either scoring or getting in scoring position. This Week: vs. Tennessee (ew...); My Pick: Tennessee 27, Vandy 3

4. Bowling Green 0-5: Yeah, I'm guessing the Falcons can't end the season fast enough. They did score 24 points once this year, but they gave up 62 in that game. No, their prospects aren't looking up. This Week: vs. Miami(OH); My Pick: Miami (OH) 37, Bowling Green 24

3. Louisiana-Monroe 0-10: Sigh...Another team hoping 2020 comes to a quick and painful end. The Warhawks haven't been really competitive at all this season and will be looking for a new coach in 2021. So there's that. This Week: BYE

2. Kansas 0-9: One thing saving the Jay-walkers from the basement is they nearly won this past week. They lost, 16-13 so that's progress, right? I"m pretty sure Kansas is going to be the 1st team in the Bottom of the Barrel Hall of Fame! This Week: vs. Texas; My Pick: Texas 51, Kansas 9

1. UMass 0-4: I know, their season ended already. It's like kicking someone when they're already down. I'm not sure they'll win the title only because some other teams may fall beneath them...(that sounds weird, I know)....

And so ends the final FULL WEEK (barring COVID PPD/cancellations) of the regular season. Our final pool and predictions will arrive next week, unless I get bored during my time off and do a bowl/playoff column.

We shall see....

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