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The Dirty Dozen and Bottom of the Barrel Return!

So....for those of you who have read my columns in the past, you know what this is all about. For those new, it's the OSG Sports look at the best and worst teams in College Football along with picks for the upcoming week.

This is the part where I'd tell you how awesome I was at picking games the previous season. But WIX (site host) has made it difficult for me to access content on the previous version of the blog site.

So you'll have to take my word for it when I say---I'm pretty damn good at this. (Roughly 80-85% accurate with predictions)

Just one week into the College Football season and there are already a handful of fan bases ready to throw in the towel and write off the 2019 season. And to be perfectly honest--a few of those fan bases (see Vols, Tennessee) are probably right.

But aye, College Football is a finicky lass and just when we think we know what every team is---something weird, crazy or an injury happens.

I will qualify this all by telling you I can predict---as we read this, four of the following six teams will be in the College Football Playoff: Alabama, Clemson, Georgia, Ohio State, Oklahoma or Michigan. I just don't know which four it will be.

I don't really have any cutting edge jokes to drop here---so without further ado, I'll get into this weeks list-ages....


1. Clemson 1-0. Yup....the Tigers picked up right where they left off, dismantling a game--but outmanned Ga. Tech team in week one. As an added bonus---they're the defending champs. And to dethrone the champs......well---tell 'em Naitch:

Yeah....that. This Week: vs. Texas A&M. Prediction: Clemson 43, A&M 28

2. Alabama 1-0. Looks familiar doesn't it?? The Tide have had some injury issues--but remain largely unchallenged. As long as Tua is at QB and they have 207 stud WR's, they'll be fine. Me thinks the Great Saban will complain about the crowd this week. This Week vs. New Mexico St. Prediction: Alabama 47, N.Mexico State 6

3. Oklahoma 1-0. Could the Sooners be even better on Offense with Jalen Hurts at QB? Yeah, it's possible. Though the defense looks awfully familiar (bad)....But then again, like I said in the beginning, it's week #1. This Week: vs. South Dakota St. (huh?). Prediction: Oklahoma 212, S.Dakota St. 13

4. Georgia 1-0. When the dust settles, this may be the team to compete with Clemson, but it's week one. And Bulldog fans are whining because they backed off after dominating Vandy early in Week 1. Of course they never considered Kirby Smart didn't want to show off the whole playbook either. This Week: vs. Murray St. (yikes!). Prediction: Georgia 51, Murray St. 10

5. Ohio St. 1-0. So....mercenary QB Justin Fields picked up right where Dwayne Haskins left off last season. Duh! Of course he did. As like most seasons--the only real challenge outside Brain Farting--will be beating Michigan this year. This Week: vs. Cincinnati. Prediction: Ohio St. 43, Cincinnati 27

6. LSU 1-0. Yup, the Tigers. Though I don't expect them to stay here. Just the fact everyone in Baton Rouge was ecstatic to see the Bayou Bengals run the spread offense should be telling. They'll be a competitor--but the schedule is only going to get harder. This Week; at Texas. Prediction: Texas 37, LSU 33---Minor Upset!!!!

7. Michigan 1-0. This might be a "Do or Die" year for the Fighting Harbaugh's who have been good, but not lived up to the outsized expectations and struggled to keep up with Ohio State, which is, well, the benchmark. This Week: vs. Army. Prediction: Michigan 41, Army 21

8. Texas 1-0. Are the Longhorns back? Eh, I'm not convinced. Until they beat Oklahoma, they'll be the LSU or Florida of the Big 12. Which isn't bad---but not where the alumni think they should be. This Week: See #6

9. Notre Dame 1-0. The Irish will be good. Ian Book is a very solid QB. There are however some landmines on the schedule. We'll find out what they've got when they travel to Athens later this month. This Week: vs. New Mexico. Prediction: Notre Dame 37, New Mexico 13

10. Utah 1-0. What? Utah? Over Auburn? Yup. This is your one---and only West Coast Representative. With Oregon laying an egg last week, Utah, you're my only hope for some Western Redemption. This Week: vs. Northern Illinois. Prediction: Utah 34, N. Illinois 21

11. Auburn 1-0. Hold the Championship Celebration Auburn fans, beating Oregon at Jerry World was nice--but you aren't that good---yet. Yes, Bo Nix flashed some potential, but look closely at the stat line, yeah, he wasn't that good. Good luck Gus, they're going to want to fire you again later this season. This Week: vs. Tulane. Prediction: Auburn 27, Tulane 10

12. Georgia St. 1-0. Yeah, this is a reward for just destroying a poorly coached Tennessee team which looked flat and uninterested in fighting. The Panthers just ran over, around and through the Vowels which is alternately hilarious and scary. This Week: vs. Furman. Prediction: Furman 31, Ga. State 20


This is exactly what you think it is: The worst teams in College Football. Kansas has been a multiple time champ, winning worst team in America more than once. I suspect Les Miles head would explode if they do it again....

I'm going to hold off on this list because one week is not enough to gauge suck-age.

But here are the two teams who deserve this:

2. Missouri 0-1. Losing to Wyoming is bad---though Craig Bohl coached teams are tough. Still wondering how the SEC East Tigers ended up taking a trip to Wyoming?? Maybe it was the scenery. This Week: vs. West Virginia. Prediction: Mizzou 31, W. Va. 21

1. Tennessee 0-1. Congrats--you are the worst team in America. Vowel fans bitched and moaned about new Offensive Coordinator Jim Cheney, and the offense wasn't stellar. But the defense looked worse. Much, much worse. This Week: vs. BYU. Prediction: BYU 28, Tennessee 23.

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