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The Dirty Dozen and Bottom of the Barrel: Real or Mirage??


So...we've made it through roughly 5-weeks of College Football and the question is, "What do we really know?"

For the most part--the teams we knew we're going to be good, are. Really, this past week told us pretty much nothing other than Clemson is mortal and really lucky they didn't lose to North Carolina.

Unfortunately it also makes things really hard when you want to find humor or make fun of what's been going on.

So--what then do we talk about? Well, there's always my predictions, which I should tell you pretty damn impressive.

Last week, I was 10-3, a solid performance if I do say so myself. But more importantly, it puts me at 45-10 for the season.

Now that we're in October, hopefully we'll see some of the Top 10 or so teams hiccup. At least I hope it does anyway.

Hey, maybe this will make you laugh--it made me laugh:


1. Ohio State 5-0: Ok, yeah. I did it. I put the Buckeyes up over the SEC teams and Clemson and against most of what I've said so far this season. Am I convinced they're the best team? No. But they have dominated everyone they play so far and don't have many challenges left. Which matters---for now...

This Week: at Michigan State; My Pick: tOSU 37, Michigan St. 21

2. Alabama 5-0: The Tide are still here. For once, they're scary good on Offense--the D is this years question mark. Easy games so far just means this week will be a good test to see if or what they are.

This Week: at Texas A&M; My Pick: Alabama 41, A&M 37

3. Clemson 5-0: Yikes! Clemson was one bad North Carolina play call from losing their 1st game in a long, long time. The Tar Heels exposed them in ways few have and showed that as good as Trevor Lawrence is, he's still got some work to do.

This Week: vs. Florida State; My Pick: Clemson 47, FSU 21

4. Georgia 4-0: The Dawgs kinds lost momentum just from having a bye week. They still have some work to do but the schedule is pretty kind from here. Take care of business--and an SEC title game is in the offing.

This Week: at Tennessee; My Pick: UGA 38, Tennessee 23

5. Oklahoma 4-0: While the Sooners would love to be in the "Top 4"---they just need to keep taking care of business and they'll be in the playoffs yet again. An amazing offensive team, the only question is as usual---the D...

This Week: at Kansas; My Pick: Oklahoma 65, Kansas 21

6. Wisconsin 4-0: So what else do the Badgers need to do? Seriously?? I know they'll roll over later in the season and should they get to the Big 10 Title game--Ohio State is a whole other thing.

This Week: vs. Kent State; My Pick Wisconsin 45, Kent St. 3

7. LSU: 4-0: We've all been amazed to see how the Tigers have transformed from a 20-year old Offense to the "Run/Pass Option". What's lost is the defense has been um---not quite as good so far this year giving up 38 points twice so far this season.

This Week: vs. Utah State; My Pick: LSU 43, Utah State 13

8. Auburn 5-0: Yup, Auburn has looked reborn under Gus the offensive "Wonder Coordinator", they've piled up points while QB Bo Nix learns on the fly. We're about to find out if they are for "Real"....

This Week: at Florida; My Pick: Florida 31, Auburn 27

9. Florida 5-0: Then we come to the Gators, perhaps the biggest "Mystery" team of them all. Yes, they are undefeated. Yes, they are in the SEC but no, really, they've not played anyone yet who's offered a challenge. And no, Gator fans, Kentucky doesn't count.

This Week: SEE #8

10. Notre Dame 3-1: The Irish did well, bouncing back from a very tough, physical loss at Georgia with a big win over a challenging Virginia team. They still have a few questions, none which will be an issue in this game.

This Week: vs. Bowling Green; My Pick: Notre Dame 43, Bowling Green 10

11. Texas 3-1: Welp, is Texas back? Maybe...but it will take more than the Nation's 102nd ranked defense to make us believe it's true. They did push LSU to the brink and squeezed out a win vs. Oklahoma State.

This Week: at West Virginia; My Pick: Texas 37, W. Virginia 31

12. SMU 5-0: Are the Mustangs, the 12th best team in College Football? No, probably not. But this is an honorary reward for the job Sonny Dykes has done making them relevant again. With Shane Buchele at QB, they're seemingly in every game.

This Week: vs. Tulsa; My Pick: SMU 42, Tulsa 23


This is where we get to be more random and arbitrary. In part because there are a lot of really bad teams to choose from. I suppose some worse than others---but still, these teams are long since past worrying about 2019, they've moved on....

And yes, UMass gets a pass--at least for this week, since they somehow managed to be an even worse Akron team....

5. Tennessee 1-3: The ultimate indignity? ESPN's Phone App schedule list the football team as the "Lady Vols"---yikes! And now Jeremy Pruitt is mouthing off about Kirby Smart inheriting a roster rather than building one. Sigh...some people never learn.

This Week: SEE UGA

4. Georgia Tech 1-3: Oooh, boy. Scoring a whole 2-points against Temple is not good. No, Jerry it is not good at all. The Jackets are struggling to do much of anything and may not win another game this season.

This Week: vs. North Carolina; My Pick: UNC 26, Tech 2

3. Rice 0-5: So, on a good note: The season is almost half way over for the Krispies who traditionally are in this part of our poll--or have been the past couple seasons. Yeah, they're not good. Not good at all.

This Week: at UAB; My Pick: UAB 37, Rice 31

2. New Mexico State 0-5: Sigh---what can you say about the Aggies?? Friends, they are a bad football team. 128th in the Nation on Defense only marginally better on offense thanks to the 52 points they scored in a loss vs. arch rival New Mexico.

This Week: vs Liberty; My Pick: Liberty 55, NM State 52

1. Akron 0-5: Oh Akron, you somehow managed to snatch defeat from the Jaws of victory by losing to UMass. The Zip-a-dee-doo-dahs may be the truly worst team in College Football this season, but there's another 6-weeks before we can annoit them.

This Week: vs. Kent State; My Pick: Kent State 21, Akron 17

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