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The Dirty Dozen and Bottom of the Barrel: No, I don't understand either

Pretty much nothing about 2020 has been normal. It's true even in College Football as the game struggles to cross the finish line.

Yet even though most teams never really had a spring practice or preseason and a large percentage have had at least one game postponed, we're already finding schools--despite their huge financial losses this year, cutting coaches.

Will Muschamp dumped from South Carolina, Derek Mason gone at Vanderbilt. Moves not normally made until the end of a given season. Though admittedly--a normal season would have ended...this past weekend.

Okay, so maybe I got sidetracked...there were plenty of games this past week, pretty much all of them turned out like we thought. But that's why we play them...right?

I'm usually trying to be funny when I write these---yet for some reason I'm struggling with that. Maybe it's the holiday hangover? Too many leftover turkey sandwiches? Cold stuffing? Uh, I don't know....

Enough about me...

Ok, maybe not. Last week, I went 11-3. If you're counting, then I guess COVID is now on the board with 3 wins too. That makes me 63-18 in the season. COVID is 3-0. I'm hoping the virus won't get enough games in be eligible for a title.

I'll stop now. Mostly because its time to get "On with the Countdown"...


  1. Alabama 9-0: I'm really not seeing a world where anyone beats the Tide, but I guess I could be wrong. Heck, I'm not sure anyone can slow them down. I'm pretty sure LSU is going to get having their turn rescheduled. This Week: Alabama 51, LSU 13

  2. Notre Dame 9-0: The Irish have gotten better every week. Which this season should scare most of you. I'm pretty sure they're going to run the table. At this point, they don't even need to win the ACC title game, just get there. This Week: vs. Syracuse; My Pick: Notre 37, Syracuse 17

  3. Clemson 8-1: The Tigers are still a Top 3 team for a reason. Even on cruise control, they're better than almost everyone else. Dabo is still a dumbass, but that's another story for another day. This Week: at Va. Tech; My Pick: Clemson 35, Va. Tech 21

  4. Ohio St. 4-0: So the Buckeyes story is complicated. They are unquestionably good, best in the Big 10. But...They likely won't practice before their next game, if it is even played and won't have their head coach. This Week: at Michigan St.; My Pick: Ohio St. 31, Michigan St. 16

  5. Florida 7-1: I know, the Gators lost to Texas A&M. But if they played tomorrow, my money goes on the Gators. The offense is scary good. Good enough the defense only has to be passable, which it is. This Week: at Tennessee; My Pick: Florida 41, Tennessee 21

  6. Cincinnati 8-0: Again, my poll, my picks. The Bearcats, I believe are the best of the remaining teams. No, they won't make the Playoff, but they should be a Pick 6 team. This Week: BYE

  7. Texas A&M 7-1: Sucks to be the Aggies but they're going to be left out. They can't win the SEC West..or the SEC and yeah, they beat UF. I have my doubts about their offense, but they can ball on D. This Week: at Auburn; My Pick: Auburn 28, Texas A&M 23 UPSET!!!

  8. BYU 9-0: The Cougars get a spot here because they're undefeated. And the QB, Zach Wilson is probably the best player you haven't heard of on the east coast. This Week: BYE (Update 12/3--they now travel to Coast Carolina; My Pick: BYU 31, Coastal 27

  9. Georgia 6-2: This is where things get shaky. UGA seems to have settled down on offense but injuries are still keeping them from being elite. No guarantee they stay, but they're as good as anyone else. This Week: at Vandy; My Pick: UGA 37, Vandy 3 (Sarah Fuller FG)

  10. Iowa St 7-2: Your Big 12 leader in the clubhouse. Matt Campbell has done wonders for the Cyclones. Brock Purdy is a pretty solid QB and they don't make a lot of mistakes. This Week: vs. West Virginia; My Pick: Iowa St. 31, West Va. 23

  11. Oklahoma 6-2: I'm not sold the Sooners are any different than in years past. Dangerous on Offense, not so much on D. Spenser Rattler has gotten better as the year has gone on but this isn't a playoff team. This Week: vs. Baylor; My Pick: Oklahoma 43, Baylor 23

  12. Coastal Carolina 9-0: Coastal gets Gameday this week. Yeah, you heard me. This week, they play in arguably the best game of the week, so why not? The Chanticleers need to enjoy this while they can. This Week: vs. Liberty; My Pick: Coastal 34, Liberty 27 (update 12/3--game PPD/ now vs. BYU--See #8)

If you noticed, I don't have Indiana in this grouping. The Hoosiers are a great story and good team, but QB Michael Penix Jr. is out for the season. Yet weirdly, they still may get to play for the Big 10 title because if Ohio St. has one more ppd. game, they won't be eligible.

Confused? Yeah, me too....


The barrel is not set in stone like the Dozen is. We pretty much know at this point who is getting into the College Football Playoff. What we don't know is who TRULY is the worst team in College Football.

Okay, so maybe we do (Kansas)....but that changes my narrative so we won't go there.

5. Nebraska 1-4: For all the harrumphing the 'Huskers did before the season, perhaps they would have been better served maybe not playing. If you're gonna talk a big game, you need to back it up. No, this team hasn't. They aren't good and I don't know that they'll get any better. This Week: at Purdue; My Pick: Purdue 28, Nebraska 23

4. Vanderbilt 0-8: While the Commode-dores aren't good at just about anything, I think we all really, really want them to get in either (a) Field Goal range or (b) score a TD and kick an extra point. This Week: at UGA (see #9 in the Dozen)

3. Kansas 0-8: The Jayhawks could arguably be called the "Alabama" of the Bottom of the Barrel. They're a constant. Every year. It's one thing that hasn't changed in 2020. This Week: at Texas Tech; My Pick: Texas Tech 47, Kansas 10

2. Louisiana-Monroe 0-9: It's been a rough year in Louisiana. Eye of a hurricane, listen to myself self-churn....sorry--got sidetracked and thought of an old REM song. Yeah, the Warhakws have gotten worse each week, giving up 70 last week to Louisiana. This Week: at Arkansas St. 47; Monroe 21

1. UMass 0-4: It appears the season may be over for the "Minute" men who were outscored 161-12 in those games. And yeah, four games is enough to qualify for a title in our little poll. It's going to be hard for anyone to top this level of futility though.

Yes, even though this is normally where the season ends and we're talking about Conference Championship games, but we're not. #2020....

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