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The Dirty Dozen and Bottom of the Barrel: It Might be a Big Week

*ED NOTE: The Dirty Dozen Podcast drops Wednesday morning on the OSG Sports Phone App and all your favorite Podcast websites....*

So, here at Dirty Dozen HQ (a.k.a-OSG Global HQ) we try to take the broad, non-hyperbolic approach to things and not blow stuff out of proportion.

However---all that being said, yeah, maybe this is a big week seeing as though Alabama vs. LSU square off in the "Game of the Century This Week This Year"....

Okay, so maybe it will live up to the hype....or maybe not.

All that being said--It's November and that means the final jockeying for position begins. No, the loser of the "Game of the Century This Week This Year" will not be out of it for a College Football Playoff berth.

Unless they get blown out.

This is the part where I mention I went 9-1 with last weeks Predictions. Which by most pretty damn good.

Overall: 99-19. Yes, you should be impressed. I do usually know who will win. No--I will not pick the spread because it's College Football and if nothing else it is rarely predictable.

That may have been somewhat of a contradictory statement. But oh well, it's my column.

Maybe it's time now to get "On With the Countdown" so I'm going to do that.


1. Ohio State 8-0: I still am convinced this is your best team in College Football. We never hear much about them in the South and well, SEC. I may be wrong but Chase Young and Company could beat either Alabama or LSU this season. We will see soon enough, won't we?

This Week: vs. Maryland; My Pick: Ohio St 55, Maryland 10

2. LSU 8-0: I'm kind of torn as to whether the Tigers really are better than Alabama. Sure, I love what they've done on offense but I have questions. Defensive questions. Still, win this week and most of those questions will have been answered.

This Week: at Alabama; My Pick: Bama 41, LSU 39

3. Alabama 8-0: Really the Tide and Tigers are kind of interchangeable for poll purposes. Getting a health--and rested Tua back for this game will help, home crowd and one defensive stop may make the difference though.

This Week: SEE ABOVE

4. Clemson 9-0: The Tigers just keep rolling. Travis Eteinne runs over, around and through most teams and did this past week too. Not much else I can really say until the Tigers get tested. Which isn't happened anytime soon.

This Week: at NC State; My Pick: Clemson 47, NC State 21

5. Oregon 8-1: Yup, you heard me! Oregon. This isn't the Chip Kelly track team Ducks. They are physical and fast and play very, very well. A tough loss at the beginning of the season shouldn't hold them back any more.

This Week: BYE

6. Georgia 7-1: I'm not sure the Dawgs are capable of lighting anyone up on offense this season which is weird. The defense however is very, very good. Take care of business and a possible CFP berth isn't out of the question.

This Week: vs. Missouri; My Pick: UGA 33, Mizzou 13

7. Penn State 8-0: Nope, I like the Nittany Lions but they aren't elite. Sure, in the Big 10, they are very, very good but like most of their brethren it is very hard to tell due to the lame-ass schedule. We are about to find out how legit they are.

This Week: at Minnesota; My Pick: Minnesota 31, Penn St. 23 UPSET!!!!

8. Utah 8-1: Yup, the Utes just keep on kicking. They are better than you think they are. You just haven't seen them play. Hold serve and we will get a really good Pac 12 title game between the Utes and the Ducks. Winner should be a CFP team (even though they won't)...

This Week: BYE

9. Oklahoma 7-1: I really don't know how to gauge the Sooners. Lincoln Riley's team is so far ahead of the rest of the world on offense. They should be better. Are they a Top 4 team at the end of the season? No, I don't think so.

This Week: vs. Iowa State; My Pick: Oklahoma 41, Iowa State 35

10. Minnesota 8-0: That's right. Eight and Zero. The Gophers have won every single time out. They started slow, barely stringing out wins but have blown people out the last couple weeks. Time to find out if P.J. Fleck is doing this with magic or if his team is legit.

This Week: SEE #7

11. Baylor 8-0: Matt Rhule's club barely escaped West Virginia. But they did escape with a win. They've handled everything thrown at them this season and lead the Big 12. I think they run the table and lose in the title game---but I could be wrong.

This Week: at TCU; My Pick: Baylor 37, TCU 36

12. Florida 7-2: Well, the Gators just got manhandled by UGA last week. No other way to put it. Clearly this isn't an elite team though they can beat most teams on a given day, they should run the table and get a nice bowl game consolation prize.

This Week: vs. Vanderbilt; My Pick: Florida 40, Vandy 10


Yes, and then there were the worst teams in all the land. Teams so bad, without places like us, they'd never get mentioned. Heck, you probably haven't heard of half of them unless you read us regularly.

The "Power 5" teams who inhabited our list early in the season have moved on and again this week, we're stacked with perennial Barrel dwellers including more than 1 former champ.

5. Old Doberman 1-8. Welcome Old Dominion, where have you been all our lives? For those unfamiliar, this is a team that scored 24 points in a game this season (once), they haven't nor will they come close to that to finish.

This Week: vs. Texas San-Antonio; My Pick: UTSA 24, Old Doberman 10

4. UTEP 1-7: Here's a former champion doing their best to play to the competition and compete for yet another Barrel title. No, I don't know why they continue playing FBS football but the Miners are a damn good argument for relegation.

This Week: vs. Charlotte (yikes!); My Pick: Charlotte 27, UTEP 10

3. New Mexico State 0-8: Poor Aggie fans. There's not much to do in their hometown so they faithfully cheer for their bedraggled football team every week win or lose (mostly lose). I can't wait to see them play UTEP in a couple weeks---can you? This Week: at Ole Miss; My Pick: Ole Miss 112, New Mexico State 13

2. UMess 1-8: No, I'm not going to explain how a one win team isn't ranked over a no win team. Sorry. The Minuteladies are a former champ as well and a program who again can't explain why they continue playing FCS Football.

This Week: at Army; My Pick: Army 33, UMess 17

1. Akron 0-9: The Zip-ah-dee-doo-dah's still haven't scored a touchdown dating back to their Battle of the Barrel loss to UMess....on September 28th. That's 4-games for those of you keeping track at home.

This Week: vs. Eastern Michigan; My Pick: E.Michigan 28, Akron Zip.....

Also receiving votes: Rice Krispies, South Alabama, Northwestern and Rutgers.....

Your finishing music (cause it kinda fits):

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