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The Dirty Dozen and Bottom of the Barrel: Clemson, Bama and who else?

It's gotta be the hair....

Yeah, um, in case you are wondering, this week's episode of "The Dirty Dozen and Bottom of the Barrel" is about you guessed it--Clemson and Alabama.

It's the same conversation we have around this time in October pretty much all of the past say, six or seven seasons. "Are Alabama and Clemson the two best teams in College Football?"

Like most every one of those years--it appears the answer is yes.....sigh....

But hey, to steal a quote "You play to win the game" and I guess there's always a chance one of the two slip up and actually lose a game.....

But then again, I guess I could be wrong.

Either way, it's time to go forward, move ahead don't get too distracted, it's not too late. Um, sorry---had a Devo song pop into my head for a minute. we always do here on the Dozen, we review last weeks guesses to see just how legit/accurate I really am when it comes to picking games and/or rankings.

Welp, how's 6-3 sound?? I can't really take credit for a win or ignore a loss for the games the got PPD/Covid, can I? I guess you...or I, could keep a running COVID tally, but it's hard to do unless we're talking about teams in or illustrious poll.

Speaking of illustrious, did I mention Trevor Lawrences hair...??

Enough small talk, I guess I should get around to what we're all here for, right? The Dozen and the Barrel, and maybe for my predictions??


  1. Clemson 5-0: 73-7 over Ga. Tech. Yup. This game was actually tied at 7 in the 1st quarter. Not a good look for Tech. Definitely a good look for Trevor and company...This Week: at Syracuse. Hahahahaha...My Pick: Clemson 73, Cuse 7.

  2. Alabama 4-0: I know, someone out there is probably saying "But we beat Georgia" and true, you did. So you've got that going for you, which is nice. Yes, the Tide are better than most--but are they REALLY better than Clemson right now? This Week: at Tennessee; My Pick: Bama 43, Vowels 23

  3. Ohio St. 0-0 Yeah, I hear you, you want to know how I can pick a team that hasn't played yet over a bunch of teams who have. Really, it's not hard. Nobody else really deserves this spot and the Buckeyes are going to be really, really good. Done. This Week: vs. Nebraska; My Pick: Ohio St. 37, Nebraska 17

  4. Georgia 3-1: Ok, this time I'm going against my regular stance that undefeated teams get priority. But in this case--the reason is simple. This is where the line between title teams, super good teams and everyone else is drawn. With one loss, UGA is still better than anyone below them (prove me wrong). This Week: at Kentucky; My Pick: UGA 31, Kentucky 21

  5. Penn St. 0-0: Oops I did it again. Or did I? The Nittany Lions likely are the only team who can roll with Ohio St. in the Big 10. And I don't think anyone from the Big 12 is on their level. So I can put them here. Don't make me regret it. This Week: at Indiana; My Pick: Penn St. 28, Indiana 23

  6. Notre Dame 4-0: Ok, I'm putting the Fighting Irish here but I don't feel super confident about it. Yes, they're undefeated but 12-7 over Louisville? The Cardinals lost to Ga. Tech. Not good. Maybe again they'll prove me wrong. But then again, maybe not. This Week: at Pitt; My Pick: Notre Dame 23, Pitt 21

  7. Oklahoma St. 3-0: Meh, I'm not sold on these guys either. They've lived off their defense so far, which in the Big 12 usually means trouble. Sure, they're undefeated. But Mike Gundy's teams never fail to lose as game they shouldn't. Mark my words. This Week: vs. Iowa St.; My Pick: Iowa State 37, Okie State 33 UPSET!!!

  8. Cincinnati 3-0: No, I'm not 100% the Bearcats are worthy of this pick. But I'm not sure they aren't either. Not a lot of candidates here. With a top notch D and semi-decent schedule, they have a chance. This Week: at SMU; My Pick: Cincinnati 31, SMU 27

  9. BYU 5-0: Again, why not? The Cougars have already won 5 games. They have only one game where they won't be favored left (vs. Boise St.). No, they may not "win it all" but Top 10 isn't out of the question. This Week: vs. Texas St.; My Pick: BYU 41, Texas St. 13

  10. SMU 5-0: The streak continues. Another "mid-major" program who can play some serious offense. They've got a very good QB in Shane Buchele and in College Football, that matters. This Week: vs. Cincinnati; My Pick: SEE #8

  11. Oregon 0-0: The PAC 12 isn't far away from playing either. The Ducks are easily the best of the conference. The OSG team disagrees on this, but if the Ducks run the table and UGA or Notre Dame or Penn St. stumble, they'd be in play. IMO. This Week: Not playing yet

  12. Coastal Carolina 4-0: Welp, this is the "bonus" slot which often goes to an undercooked and underrated smaller school with a hugely successful season. After taking down Louisiana in Lafayette lat week, I give you are candidate. This Week: vs. Ga. Southern. My Pick: Ga. Southern 28, Coastal 27 (Not allowed to pick against alma maters)

That brings us to everyone else. There are a lot of decent teams with flaws. It's why Florida, Texas A&M or Miami did not make the Top 12 list. Maybe they'll grow into it, but all of them have some issues, they aren't on the same level of Alabama or Clemson and probably not Georgia or Ohio State either.

HOWEVER....these teams below. Oy. These teams have already asked for a reboot or do over this season, they honestly are playing for the heck of it and to win some games this year because nobody wants to end up on our list and everyone wants to least once.


5. Syracuse 1-3: Uh boy. I'm still not sure how they beat Ga. Tech, but I suspect they don't know either. To be honest, an ACC team losing to Liberty (not Mutual) is the main reason they are here, but also they're not a good team. This Week: at Clemson (uh, oh); My Pick: Clemson 56, Syracuse 10

4. UMass 0-1: So why rank the Minu-te men when they likely only have played--and may only play one game. The fact it was a 41-0 loss to Ga. Southern really doesn't play into things as UMass would probably be here whether they play 1 or 12 games. This Week: no more games scheduled right now...

3. Vanderbilt 0-3: So, the good news is the Commode Doors didn't lose last week. Though it might have had something to do with their game vs. Missouri getting PPD due toCOVID-19. And this week, they play BYE WEEK. So they won't lose either, right? This Week: BYE

2. Kansas 0-4: Just when you think it can't get worse for Les Miles's team, they lose their one so-called star, Pooka Williams who opted out for the rest of the season rather than run the risk of getting hurt with this scary squad. This Week: at Kansas State; My Pick: K-State 43, Kansas 10

1. Louisiana-Monroe 0-5: Jayhawks then Warhakws oh, my. Yeah, somehow they avoided losing to the dreaded bye week too. So they've got that going for them, which is nice. This team runs for 50-yards a game. You won't win much that way. This Week: at South Alabama; My Pick: S.Alabama 50, La. Monroe 10.

And that concludes another week of rankings and predictions. Yes, I still don't agree with the AP/Coaches Poll/whatever other group that has polls because well, they still go on name reputation.

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