The Dirty Dozen and Bottom of the Barrel: Bamba Mo Bamba

Dance til you drop---a flag??

Ed. Note: There's a podcast version of this available RIGHT HERE

Just to explain to you how old I am, I thought the "Mo Bamba" song was "La Bamba" and I say this knowing full well there's an actual "Mo Bamba" who plays basketball for the Orlando Magic.

Maybe I'm just tragically un-hip, which if you know me, probably does NOT come as any kind of surprise.

So in the spirit of saying I learned something new, I learned something new when my Alma Mater--The Georgia Southern Eagles got penalized---along with their opponent Coastal Carolina when both teams broke out into a spontaneous dance-off to the aforementioned song. Maybe it was the language in the song which caused the refs to call personal fouls against everyone on each team, I don't know.....

But enough about me.

Okay, well, maybe it is all about me. Since this is after all---my column and my thoughts on the world of College Football.

So, it wasn't a bad week in the Department of Predictions--I did go 11-4 which really isn't too bad, though not up to my usual standard. It does make me 80-16 on the season, which by most measuring sticks is pretty good, isn't it??

I'm posting this video in large part because it's arguably the greatest wrestling promotional video cut about absolutely nothing that got the crowd excited in history....

Anyway, with that in mind---it's time to get "On with the Countdown".....


1) Ohio State 7-0: I still argue this currently is the best thing going. Don't get me wrong, not a fan--but they're exceptional at almost everything which is rare in College Football. Top 10 statistically on both sides of the ball. This week begins their first test of the season.

This Week: vs. Wisconsin; My Pick: Ohio St. 43, Wisconsin 21

2) LSU 7-0: Do not look past the Tigers. Do not underestimate them. Do not sleep on Joe Burrow. I never thought I'd say this--the defense is trying to catch up to the offense. They're almost there.

This Week: vs. Auburn; My Pick: LSU 37, Auburn 33

3) Clemson 7-0: Yawn....did anyone really think Clemson wasn't running the table? Trevor Lawrence is having growing pains, sure, but does it matter? The ACC is awful and Clemson is not. They'll be in the playoffs, mark it down.

This Week: vs. Boston College; My Pick: Clemson 48, BC 13

4) Alabama 7-0: Wait, how are they 4th? Simple, Tua is hurt, Mac Jones isn't Tua and they've shown some weakness on D. They were one dumb play decision away from struggling with Tennessee. It matters.

This Week: vs. Arkansas; Alabama 53, Arkansas 10

5. Oklahoma 7-0: How can you not love Jalen Hurts as a football player? Dude is insanely good in an offense that highlights every single thing he does will as a QB. He missed one, yes, one pass vs. W.Va last week. One. 16 for 17 and 3 TD's, oh and ran for 75 yards and 2 more TD's.

This Week: at Kansas St.; My Pick: Oklahoma 52, Kansas St. 21

6. Penn St. 7-0: Hey, they haven't been pretty, but Penn State keeps winning. They're giving up 66 yards running per game this season, which is a big part of why they win. In the Big 10, defense helps. A lot.

This Week: at Michigan St.; My Pick: Penn St. 27, Michigan St. 17

7. Florida 7-1: Yeah, sure, they lost to LSU in Baton Rouge. But a lot of teams do that. Kyle Trask and Company struggled at Williams-Brice vs. a tougher than you think South Carolina too. But they put it together and won this past week. The last true test of the season comes after the bye.

This Week: BYE

8. Georgia 6-1: Ok. The Bulldogs rebound but have some very clear issues. None of which are on defense. The inability of their receivers to separate from defenders has been a huge problem and is causing Jake Fromm to hesitate. Which is an issue. But as long as they have De'Andre Swift, they'll survive.

This Week: BYE

9. Utah 6-1: I"m still at a loss as to how the Utes got beat by USC. So is everyone else. This is a really, really good defensive team with one really challenging game left. It matters.

This Week: vs. Cal; My Pick: Utah 31, Cal 10

10. Auburn 6-1: I'm still not sure what to thing of the Tigers. They flash pretty good at times and then---they don't. Injuries have taken a toll and Bo Nix is still learning on the job. We're about to see how much he's earned.

This Week: SEE #2

11. Baylor 7-0: Don't get me wrong, Matt Rhule is an excellent coach. But I question--given past Baylor can rebuild and reload so quickly in Football. I mean they're really good and likely the only Big 12 team who will push Oklahoma in 2019.

This Week: BYE

12. SMU 7-0: The Ponies keep winning. Seriously, they pile up points and do just enough on defense to beat everyone they play. But alas they are in the Group of 5 and now are officially the Group's only hope. Good luck guys....

This Week: at Houston; My Pick: SMU 47, Houston 41

Also receiving votes: Notre Dame, Minnesota and Oregon


Oh, Barrel, you never cease to entertain with your antics....I do however have a question for the fanbases of your member schools? How do you stay entertained with such awful football? I'm serious....I want to know what it is like to go to a game knowing you're going to lose before it ever starts....

5. UConn 1-6: I also want to know how Randy Edsall gets paid for pretty much every time UConn steps onto a field win or lose. Though I also want to know how he's still a Head Coach at this level too. The Huskies are bad, bored and a waste of time except to see if Edsall makes it to carousel in December.

This Week: at UMess; My Pick: UConn 3, UMess 2

4. UMess 1-6: Yeeesh, this is another team that is on this list every single year. I'd love someone to explain why they play in the FBS. This folks is your worst defense in the NCAA FBS. Bar none....

This Week: SEE ABOVE

3. Rutgers 1-6: When the highlight of your season is the game you held Iowa to 30 in a game you didn't score in....well, need I say more? This team should at least be relegated to Group of 5/MAC status if not the FCS. Yikes!

This Week: vs. Liberty; My Pick: Liberty 30, Rutgers 13

2. Rice/New Mexico St. 0-7: Again, I'll lump these two pieces of coal together because collectively they are equally bad. I will give the Krispies credit, they've come close to winning a couple times, something New Mexico State cannot say.

This Week: Southern Mississippi vs. Rice; My Pick: Southern Miss 31, Rice 21

This Week: New Mexico St. at Ga. Southern (ha!); My Pick: Ga. Southern 37, NM St...10

1. Akron 0-7: Oh, pity the poor Zips, the nation's worst team--at the moment. If you can't beat UMess, you have no hope. There are, I suppose, opportunities before the season ends--but do you really believe the Zipp-a-dee-doo-dah's really have a chance?? Nah.....

This Week: at Northern Illinois; My Pick: N. Illinois 33, Akron 17

And so ends another week of College Football fun. It would be hard to beat this past week for weird stuff--but then again, we still have the month of November and some pretty good rivalry and conference games left---so who knows.

You'll have to listen to this as the video hasn't dropped yet, but it's Beck with Pharell of course it is amazingly good....