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The Dirty Dozen and Bottom of The Barrel: A Ham Sandwich

Coach Oh

LSU Head Coach Ed Orgeron may very well be crowned "King of Louisiana" by the time we get to 2020 and dude is absolutely living his "Best Life" right now.

Fresh off a dominating win over Tuscaloosa---Coach O may have gotten a bit carried away in the locker room....

*ED NOTE--Language is extremely NSFW*

Apparently somewhere between this and the trip home, Coach O wound down a bit. In fact, he was asked what he did upon returning home a conquering hero.....

Yes, a Ham Sammich.....When you are "King of the World" yeah, you can pretty much do whatever you want.

There were by the way--several other things that happened in College Football last week as the jockeying for College Football Playoff position hits full swing.

Speaking of "Winning", I probably should mention that I was 12-1 with predictions last week. Which puts me at 111-20 on the season. I dare you to find anyone with better stats....dare ya!

But---enough about sandwiches and Coach O and my awesomeness, we have business to take care of here.....

So as legendary DJ Casey Kasem once said "On with the Countdown".....


1. LSU 9-0: I can no longer deny the Tigers their rightful throne. They've played by FAR the best schedule of anyone on this list and have run the table. Beat 'Bama in 'Bama, you deserve this. Long live the kings.....

This Week: at Ole Miss; My Pick: LSU 34, Ole Miss 17

2. Ohio St: 9-0: One more practice game then it gets real for the Buckeyes. They've not been challenged even remotely thus far and it may come back to haunt them. We'll see.

This Week: at Rutgers; My Pick: Ohio State 130, Rutgers 3

3. Clemson 9-0: By default. Clemson is another team we really don't know how good they are and won't until playoff time. Outside the scare vs. North Carolina, nobody has come close but since the ACC is butt-ugly awful, there's no way to tell what that means.

This Week: vs. Wake Forest; My Pick: Clemson 51, Wake 31

4. Oregon 8-1: This is where I differ with everyone. The Duckies have been excellent this season, the only blemish being a late game mistake vs. Auburn in Week 1. Yes, Oregon has struggled in the decent but not great Pac 12 a couple times, but they'll be a tough out for anyone.

This Week: vs. Arizona; My Pick: Oregon 42, Arizona 21

5. Georgia 8-1: How again did they lost to S.Carolina? A great defensive team, UGA's questions are on offense. Mostly can they keep up with the teams ranked ahead of them. They'll make the SEC Championship game, the question is will it matter?? This Week: at Auburn; My Pick: UGA 27, Auburn 23

6. Alabama 8-1: Oh boy, they were not prepared for LSU. At all. The sloppiest big game performance in the 1st half from 'Bama that we've seen in forever. Sure, they can score on anyone, the question is surprisingly on defense.

This Week: at Mississippi State; My Pick: Bama 33, Miss. St. 17

7. Minnesota 9-0: No, you aren't misreading this. The Gophers are 9-0. They bent but did not break vs. overrated Penn State and are in control of their destiny. Win out and yeah, they could make the playoff believe it or not--the schedule though is not an easy one.

This Week: at Iowa; My Pick: Minnesota 21, Iowa 17

8. Oklahoma 8-1: I'm not sold on the Sooners either, but it's hard to ignore the offense. They got a serious break, picking off Iowa State's Brock Purdy on a 2-point conversion late in last weeks win. Otherwise--they'd be done.

This Week: at Baylor; My Pick: Oklahoma 51, Baylor 47

9. Baylor 9-0: The Bears aren't pretty, but they keep winning. It's about to get real the next two weeks though. Win out and they could be in the playoff. Lose once, still a Big 12 title game in the offing. Lose twice--thanks for playing.

This Week: SEE #8

10. Utah 8-1: The Utes are another team that needs to keep winning to have a shot. The schedule may hurt them especially the USC loss. Still, the best defense in the West gives them a chance against almost everyone.

This Week: vs. UCLA; My Pick: Utah 31, UCLA 23

11. Florida 8-2: The Gators are going to win 10 games this year and not play in the SEC title game. They've been very good on defense and just good enough on offense. Nobody left on the schedule is going to make them sweat too hard.

This Week: at Missouri; My Pick: Florida 35, Mizzou 21

12. Auburn 7-2: Here we go. The rested Tigers entertain UGA in a game that could change both teams fortunes. Auburn has the best D-Line in the SEC, bar none, the question is can they score?? This Week: SEE #5


As we always say, "The Barrel Giveth and the Barrel Taketh Away".....Then again, this year--consistency seems to be the key. I've alternated and rolled in a couple of teams just to get them on the magical tote board, the options never seem to end.

5. Arkansas 2-8: Yeah, I know. They've won 2 games--so what? This is an SEC team with losses to San Jose State and Western Kentucky. That should NEVER happen. Chad Morris is gone but it won't change their fate, this is a bad football team. Really bad.

This Week: BYE

4. Rice 0-9: The Krispies nearly lost last week to BYE, but it wouldn't have counted despite the lame attempt at a joke/football program. I can't say they'll lose out because they end the season with the Powder Puff bowl game vs. UTEP, but one can wish, right?? This Week: at MTSU; My Pick: MTSU 45, Rice 10

3. New Mexico State 0-9: Yeesh, nothing personal--but someone in New Mexico please explain the Football Championship Subdivision exists and is custom made for the Aggies. They don't belong here.

This Week: vs. Incarnate Word (Who??); My Pick: Incarnate Word 3, New Mexico St 3 TIE!!

2. UMess 1-9: Holy crap, this is another team who does not belong in Big Boy Football. Army dropped 63 on the Minute-Ladies this past week. This week, they play a team with the exact same record. Unfortunately one of them might accidentally win.

This Week: at Northwestern; My Pick: Northwestern 27, UMess 3

1. Akron 0-10: For the record, the Zip-ah-de-doo-dahs play a Tuesday game which is the day I am writing this. (1:45pm). So the pick counts. Plus, it's my column and I have the final say. Not that it matters really, the Zips aren't going to like win or anything (big surprise).

This Week: vs. Eastern Michigan; My Pick: E. Michigan 80, Akron Zip.....

Also receiving votes: Northwestern, UTEP, Old Doberman, UConn, and South Alabama....

Consider yourselves warned.

Your music of the week: (Prepare the Rick Roll)

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