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Stop Bitching About Your College Football Team, They Have 11 Games Left

One of the things I always laugh at in Sports--College Football in particular is the sense of panic by fans after the first game of the season.

Mind you, for most teams it's essentially an elevated practice game. Most are still ironing out kinks, getting new players adjusted to game speed or holding back before unleashing the full playbook.

For some teams, it is rougher than others. Some don't quite execute as well as they should and some are totally caught by surprise by teams they probably should beat. Those fans are usually the ones screaming the loudest.

Case in point: Almost everyone in the SEC. Particularly the East Division which arguably had the worst start of well, almost any major conference.

Tennessee lost to Georgia State. Not barely, not by a mistake, they were outplayed by the Panthers in almost all parts of the game.

Needless to say, the notoriously fickle Volunteer fans---who for some reason still think they are an elite team and their first response to adversity is "Fire Everyone"....are freaking out.

Anyone want to guess what would happen if something strange happened and the Vowels ran the table, finishing 11-1 with wins over Georgia and Alabama??

I'm not saying it will happen, but as we sit here today---it's still technically possible.

Tennessee was not the only program with overblown expectations who achieved major disappointment. The Missouri Tigers wheeled out a new QB, Kelly Bryant--formerly of Clemson. Bryant put up video game numbers---but the Tigers who of late couldn't stop a pee-wee team from scoring, continued that trend in Week #1.....

Missouri fans are not known as the most fickle in the SEC, they don't have the reputation or overly inflated opinion of themselves like a Tennessee or other long running programs....but this happened on-line.

Again, how much does anyone want to bet this all changes if the Tigers are say, 9-3 at the end of the season.

My point here is actually mostly targeted at idiotic SEC Football fans who seem to believe their team is supposed to win every game 56-3 and anything less than that means the season is over after week one because the coach is incompetent and needs to be fired.

Listen, College Football like literally EVERY OTHER SPORT doesn't anoint it's best teams after one week. But at the same time, the game is also the most unbalanced of any College Sport or for that matter professional.

We know at least a half-dozen of the teams with a shot at making the College Football playoff and Week #1 hasn't changed any of it. We know some combination of Alabama, Clemson, Georgia, Ohio State or Oklahoma will be in the playoff. None of the other programs has the resources or depth to compete with them.

Yeah, sure, there could be an upstart who'd jump in and shake up the apple cart, but it isn't likely. It means literally everyone else is playing for either a semi-major or minor bowl game.

It means Missouri losing to Wyoming or Georgia State beating Tennessee is great for bragging rights---but otherwise, it's totally irrelevant to anyone outside their fanbase.

So stop bitching--stop complaining, stop whining the world is coming to an end, fire everyone after one week.

It doesn't matter if you replace Barry Odom or Jeremy Pruitt, it won't change your destiny Missouri and Tennessee fans.

Enjoy the win Georgia State, celebrate well Wyoming, it's always great when a Group of 5 school knocks off an SEC squad. It takes the "SEC, SEC" chants down a notch. At least for a little while.

To EVERY last one of you excited the College Football Season started again: At the end of the day Alabama and Georgia are going to be in the Playoff, so we'll hear it again---but for now just watch the games and enjoy them for what they are. You complain and moan from January through August when they aren't playing. Now that the games are back just enjoy them for what they are.


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