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So, which football team will be the first to forfeit a game due to COVID-19 ?

Does anyone else find it fascinating that a football team could lose a game this year because of COVID-19 issues?

Seriously, if you haven't been following this, all the POWER-5 conferences in College Football with the exception of the SEC have said, they'll count any game cancelled because one team has a COVID outbreak as a loss for said team.

The NFL has said the same thing, they don't have a window to reschedule games this year due to the addition of a 17th regular season game.

In theory, none of this should be an issue and athletes, coaches and everyone else involved with a football program got a vaccine--much like we all did to go to elementary school. You know, those old days where you were required to get a measles shot, things like that.

The real question here is this: Will it change anyone's behavior in regards to getting vaccinated?

The answer: Probably not. Mostly because #Politics

But that's another issue.

Imagine for minute, your a team in Florida where COVID infections are averaging nearly 150,000 a day. What happens if come Sept. 18, when the Gators play Alabama in Gainesville, the team has a bad outbreak and doesn't have enough players to dress out??

The SEC hasn't said if they'll adopt the same policy as the rest of the country--so we don't know for sure how this would play out, BUT....let's---for the sake of this exercise assume they adopt it. The game gets cancelled and Alabama gets the win without ever setting foot in The Swamp.

Or the roles are reversed and the Crimson Tide have to cancel a game. I'm guessing it might cause Nick Saban's head to explode because that loss might cost them a national title.

Same thing in the NFL. If the Miami Dolphins can't dress out enough players and have to forfeit a game, imagine the outrage if they finish a game behind the conference champs.

No, to be honest, we don't know IF any of this will actually happen. I don't know the vaccinations numbers for all college teams, but I know the University of Georgia has over 90% of their program vaccinated. Ole Miss, they're at 100%. I know the Atlanta Falcons in the NFL, they're the first team in their league to hit 100%.

It still boggles my mind and I can't wrap my head around the idea that so many people are willing to do nothing to prevent getting the Coronavirus. They either think its fake, an illusion or some other nefarious conspiracy. There is not much that can be done to change their minds about anything at this point.

But athletes, yes, they can make a difference. They can set the example and quite a few of them already have. Much like society, there are some holdouts. Those teams or programs will have to deal with the repercussions of that themselves because suddenly, there is a price for them to pay.

It's hard for me because I can't really go out there on a limb and totally say what I feel about this issue as much as I want to for reasons I can't get into here. But I also profess to not understanding it (vaccine issues). The debate, or the reason there even IS a debate about getting vaccinated, is not something relatable to me.

At the same time, the price for me to help myself and the people I come in contact with was just a few minutes of my time on two days off to get vaccinated. To my knowledge, I haven't had any silverware sticking to my arm and haven't metamorphasized into some sort of space alien either. Have I??

I'm really waiting to see what happens the first time a pro...or college team has to take a "L" because they don't have enough people to play due to COVID infections. That's going to be a defining moment. Or at least I think it will be.


In the meantime, I'll sit back on my couch, clutching my popcorn, chips or beer and wait....

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