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Question: Why Are Athletes The Only Ones Getting Quick Covid Test Results?

So, it isn't being asked much publicly, but I'll ask the question:

If we take a COVID-19 test, it's taking anywhere from 3-days to 2-weeks to get the results. Contrast that with the testing going on in Orlando for NBA and Major League Soccer teams living in their bubbles who get tests in less than 24-hours.

For Major League Baseball and the NFL, their plans spell out a system where the same thing will happen. Frequent testing and less than a 1-day turnaround.

Which begs the question: How?

Honestly, it's a legit question. I can't sit here and quote you facts about how and why they're able to get this done while the general public cannot.t I haven't seen the details of the agreements each have with labs and testing facilities. Nor do I know the capabilities of each. I'm not a scientist and no, I haven't stayed at a Holiday Inn Express.

Sure, I have my suspicions--but I'm not going to cast aspersions without knowing or being able to spit back a list of facts to support my position.

But---it raises, or it should raise: The People's Eyebrow

Sure, even though I'm skeptical, I'd love to see Professional Sports late this Summer and through the Fall and I'm aware to do that, they've got to have an elaborate system of testing and protections put in place to prevent the athletes, coaches and support staff from joining the ever growing chorus of positive virus tests.

But I still wonder why? Or I guess more specifically how, that should take priority over testing the general public.

Yes, I'm fully aware there's a percentage of you who think this whole virus thing is a hoax, or at least nothing serious because only a relatively small percentage of those infected die. To those of you who believe this, you're completely missing the point.

It's not that 2% or however many have died, though 140+ thousand is a LOT....nor is it that only 5-15% of all tests are positive. But if you don't comprehend what the virus does to people who get might take a poll of your friends. Because there's a good chance you know someone who did.

Ask them if its something you should take seriously. If they were one of the people who had to be hospitalized, ask them if it's a threat. If they weren't but were sick, ask them about how sick they were. You might be in for a revelation and it may change your completely political views on what COVID is all about.

I really hope that the Pro Athletes testing systems are just one of those things and its not because they have money. I hope its because their respective leagues found and were willing to pay an independent testing facility not being used by governments, willing to meet the requirements requested of them.

Because for almost nobody in the public is getting this kind of treatment. Nobody is getting nearly instant results despite what you might think. It's hard not to think those with money are getting better treatment and results than those without.

It sure the heck wouldn't be the first time. Nor will it probably be the last....

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