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Progress: Nascar Finally Bans Confederate Flags at Events

Change is never easy. Societal change seems to rarely come fast. But over time, it does so very often happen.

We're seemingly in the midst of a social change which is taken far, far, far too long to happen in respect to how people of color and a different race are treated in a country that for years wrongly considered itself a giant "Melting Pot".

Finally after generation upon generating of dis-respecting those people, sometimes without even realizing, it appears we've reached the proverbial boiling point with in some cases, long needed leadership coming from the world of sport.

NASCAR, a sport derived from the far gone bootlegging era of the Deep South announced they officially will ban the display of the "Confederate Flag" at any of its sanctioned events. It's a change many have been asking a long, long time for. It's a change who's time was long overdue:

NASCAR has for years been derided for its lack of diversity and the sport has struggled gaining traction with people of color in part because of their willingness to allow fans to celebrate and wave the "Confederate Flag" at its events.

It's really within the last year or so as Bubba Wallace has gained traction as one of the sports leaders and more popular drivers that the push for change finally bubbled over the top.

Wallace has been the focal point for the sport as it, like many others grapple with their previous behaviors and actions.

The irony of NASCAR's previous unwillingness is a strong undercurrent for racing, cars and all things mechanical within the black community. The sport had for really decades stated how much it wanted to embrace the community and get more participation but never could quite figure out how to do it.

With the groundswell of support its leadership has finally begun to show along with well, just about every other major sport and the public at large, we've seen change--albeit slow change begin to make its long overdue appearance.

Seeing NASCAR make these kind of gestures and express their support can only help. Yes, there's a good chance they may take a political hit as even to this day, a lot of the sports fanbase will likely be very unhappy and may turn disrespectful over the moves.

But if NASCAR like any other business wants to remain relevant to everyone, change is something they will have to make. Yes, it could at times and has often been painful--but in this case, it is very necessary.

Let's hope momentum like this continues.

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