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Part II: Players and Coaches Make Mistakes and You Do Too...

I finish 2019 by following up and winding down on my rant about expectations, conspiracies and not performing to expectations.

I really wish someone could explain to me how and why fans have outsized and outrageous expectations when it comes to athletes, coaches and teams.

Do I know we live in a world where you can instantaneously second guess and complain about decisions made during games or competitions? Yes, of course I do. But it doesn't mean any of us are qualified to sit there and say (a) we could have done it better or (b) I wouldn't have made that decision.

I say this mostly because you nor I would have no earthly idea what we are talking about.

Do I know we live in a world where you can instantaneously second guess and complain about decisions made during games or competitions? Yes, of course I and we do. And yeah, honestly it is some of that reaction that makes me wonder about how serious people are.

Just because someone played Little League Football doesn't not qualify anyone to say "That play sucks" "That was a bad decision" or "I could have completed that pass". No, you couldn't. You could not have called the right play or strategy. You are in no way shape or form qualified to do it. Neither am I.....

Which begs the question: Why do some many fans or College Alums feel like if their team doesn't perform to the fans expectation--the coaches must be fired? Coaches don't play--and in College Athletics, you are counting often on a 18-year old to make the proper read, call or decision which they may or may not have the ability to do at that time of their life.

Can I sit here and say stop calling for coaches to be fired? No. Partially because it won't happen. But am I or any of you qualified to make that evaluation? No. My question is do those of you yelling and screaming about firing people---know what it is like to get fired? Not because you aren't doing your job correctly, but because you aren't successful enough for someone who has little to no idea what or how to do your job the way you did it? Have you ever been unemployed? Fired? Yelled and screamed at by someone who has zero things to do with you and knows nothing about how to do your job??

No, I'm pretty sure you haven't. Keyboards, message boards, Social Media and people who don't think the same as you are amazing places to vent and often cause arguments or fights over things you didn't or shouldn't care about. It's easy to post on Twitter someone should lose their livelihood over a decision you didn't like when you have nothing at stake.

What's that saying about "Walk a Mile in Someone Else's Shoes" or something like that??

The same thing goes for referees. It's amazing how fast we are to criticize them in a world where every single thing they do can be second guessed due to video replay. Video replay has the ability to make decisions at a slow, deliberate pace and can be looked at multiple times from often multiple angles. Decisions made in a split second of real time---those can be wrong and have been since the dawn of sport, yet 30-years ago, you didn't hear people making the inflammatory accusations we hear now about refs or umpires.

Think of it this way---in your day job, you are called upon to make a decision that could impact thousands of people and potentially millions upon millions of dollars and you have a fraction of a second to do it. It may be the one and only thing you have to do on a given day, but you don't get a do-over.

Will you get it right every time and make every single person happy about it? No.....

Listen, I don't want fans to stop being fans. We all should be able to cheer or be disappointed in what happens to and with our favorite athletes and teams. Being able to cheer and enjoy the success is a great experience and often a great way to bond with others.

But why do so many get angry, upset or lash out over the failures? It's not YOUR failure. You didn't lose. Why would you be angry enough to demand a coach be fired, a player be cut or a referee to lose their job because they didn't win or do enough to make you happy?

Does it impact your day-to-day life? No. Do you still get paid on your job whether or not your team wins? Yes. Are still you able to pay your bills, buy food to eat at home or at a restaurant?? Of course you are.

I guess my point is this. Relax. Take it easy. Take a step back and enjoy what you have and your life. You've earned it. What good does it do for you to lose your mind bitching and moaning about a missed call, a team that didn't meet yours...or their expectations? It's not worth making your blood pressure skyrocket or angering the people around you who don't care if your team wins or loses. You are still likely to wake up in the morning and still have friends and/or family. Why not focus on making yourself happy about what YOU have. Go ahead and watch your team play games and enjoy it, why let it change the mood or flow of your day?? It just doesn't matter that much.

Enjoy life---let people be people. Understand we don't all have to live to the same standard to be happy. There once was a time when we all agreed sometimes to disagree and were friendly competitive and understood sometimes someone has to win and someone has to lose and either one is ok.

What's to say we can't still be like that??

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