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Nobody Will Ever Empathize With Alabama Over Schedule Complaints

In many ways it's Nick Saban's world, we are all just relishing the opportunity to live in it.

But the Coach of the Alabama Crimson Tide and his school's administrators need to stop whining. Whining about fans leaving their games early and whining about kickoff times.

That was jolly 'ol Saint Nick after the Crimson Tide demolished a completely outmanned New Mexico State team 62-10. In Nick's world, the students have to take one for the team in order for the team to be #1.


In this world of 1,000,000 things to do at any given time--why would, well, anyone sit in a broiling hot football stadium watching a game where the outcome was never in doubt? Hey, in one respect, I get what he's talking about but it comes down to choices and for a 19-year old student, it probably doesn't mean as much as it does to a $1,000,000 a year mega-donor who's entire post college life revolves around the game. (It happens a lot in the South)

This whole dustup sets up a bigger complaint by Mr. Saban and the Alabama administration. Having to suffer through an 11a.m (CST) kickoff in Week 4 vs. Southern Mississippi.

Yes, this fits quite well with the previous statement by Saban about the students. Alabama is very clearly trying to nudge the SEC to allow them "Later" kickoffs. Which would be great except last week's game wasn't an early kick. The first three 'Bama games this season (after the upcoming S.Carolina game) would have kicked off at 2:30 central.

The argument is two-fold: One, school administrators are complaining the 11am kick is too hot in September and Two, they want more "Prime-Time" games.

One by one: 11am in Tuscaloosa is hot as it is everywhere else in the Southeast. Nobody questions that. But at 2:30, it's even hotter. A lot hotter and the heat is a safety issue. No questions there. Two, it's not like the Tide don't get their full allotment of CBS National games or 7:30pm ESPN games.

Needless to say---there were more than a few "Raspberries" thrown Alabama's way, including this subtle nudge by Auburn's Gus Malzahn.


Listen, I'm not saying Saban or his Overlords don't have an argument, they do. But so does everyone else in the SEC and pretty much every team in Texas.

There's a very obvious reason the Alabama folks are complaining---hoping to gain the attention of those in charge of assigning game times. However there are pretty much ZERO people outside the fanbase and alumni who are going to ever empathize or resist the opportunity to take a free shot.

So maybe, just maybe if Nick Saban or Greg Byrne (his Athletic Director) took their complaints about the schedule to people who need to know---quietly....we wouldn't be having this conversation.

Then again, we probably wouldn't be talking about the Student Section bailing out of a blowout game before it was over either....

Just sayin'....

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