New NFL Jerseys Only Exist to Line the Team and Nike's Pockets

ht: Atlanta Falcons/Facebook

Ok, yeah, great, a couple of NFL teams have new jerseys. Do you or should you really care?

Well, I guess it depends on your level of fanaticism I suppose because in reality, it means absolutely nothing when it comes to your teams performance. Nothing.

If you are a team or say, a Sporting Goods company who produces jerseys, well, it means a lot. Why you ask? Simple. Marketing dollars.

Allow me to be "Cynic at Large" here and explain to you, the only reason a team changes jerseys is because they want more of your hard earned dollars. They want you to buy the "Color Rush" jersey and the special home throwback jersey and the alternate jersey because every time you do that, they make a humongous profit.

Yes, there may be a bit of a markup on the product. (I understate)

Look at it this way. To buy a semi-authentic jersey, you are looking at a $100-plus expenditure. Do you believe it costs anywhere near that much to produce? Do you believe it costs more than $20-$25 at the most to produce (probably less)? Think about that for a minute.

You are talking about at minimum, a $75 profit on each and every sale. Sure, there are operational costs for retailers and deliver costs etc. but nothing remotely close to the markup costs.

Listen, I'm not agains making a buck, I don't have a problem with the idea of making a buck. But don't try to sell me on getting excited about a "New Look" for my favorite team. Don't try convincing me the "Limited Edition" jersey is a must have item.

It's been kind of funny seeing the reaction to this past week's rollout of new jerseys for the Tampa Bay Bucs and Atlanta Falcons. Not only are they NFC South rivals, Nike timed their jersey releases for the same week.

I believe they left out "Our Profit"....

The only real humor I've found in this---the Carolina Panthers Twitter account which had an interesting reaction to the Falcons "Revelation"....

Yes, I had a similar reaction but not for the same reason.

Listen, don't interpret this as hatred towards the NFL or their teams. I enjoy the games as much as the next guy. What I don't like is the NFL and their blatant money grabs. I don't like them trying to squeeze more and more money out of a population struggling to get by.

I don't like the $250 that I'd have to drop to go to a game with my wife to see 3 hours of timeouts mixed with a little game action in person. I prefer watching on TV at home where I don't have to pay for schwag, concessions or parking.

And I damn sure don't like the teams who every 20-years try to squeeze hundreds of millions of dollars out of the populace for newer, fancier stadiums that most in the community can not afford to go to.

Yes, I do give credit to the teams and Nike and the NFL for trying to keep your attention year around, it's good marketing and smart thinking.

Just don't try to get me excited about seeing a new "Modern" look for my team or sell me on a reason or catchphrase as to why they did it. Be honest and tell me the truth, all of you (NFL and team) are looking for more money.

Because at the end of the day it's the only thing they live for.