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Major League Baseball's TV Policy is why MLB SUCKS!!!


Why would you cut off a percentage of your viewing audience during the playoffs for no reason other than you want to promote your own corporate TV Network?

On one hand, I completely do not understand--on the other hand, realize this is probably the future.

If you're wondering what I'm royally pissed off about, it's actually simple: I can't watch Game 2 of the National League Division Series between the Marlins and my Braves because I have no legitimate reason to pay Major League Baseball my hard earned money so I can watch the game on the MLB Network.

NOBODY....ok, a decent amount of people here in Metro Atlanta can't watch the damn game.

For reasons that I'm sure they'll explain, MLB has decided the game didn't need to actually be on broadcast television. The powers that claim to be thought "Hey, maybe we can put it on OUR network and get people to pay for it!"

Well, I guess if you are someone who still subscribes to cable, this probably isn't a big deal for you. The $150 a month you pay for 500 channels, which you watch 10 of buys you the right to watch the game.

Me, I cut the cord. I subscribe to Hulu Live, which I highly recommend for $59 a month. I get all my local channels and a good selection of cable networks...some 50 or so channels.

But I don't have the MLB Network. Which means I don't get to watch my beloved Braves play baseball on television today.

Am I whining about it? Yeah, a little. I"m listening to the game on the radio and to be honest, Ben Ingram, Jim Powell and Joe Simpson on 680 The Fan here in Atlanta are no doubt better than the MLB TV crew.

I'd really like to watch though. A lot.

Major League Baseball whines and complains and doesn't quite seem to understand why they aren't as popular as the NFL or the NBA. The powers that be scratch their collective heads wondering why they aren't talked about like either of those leagues, why they don't have the social media presence.

This would be a big reason. Neither of those leagues would EVER.....EVER have a playoff game not available to watch for everyone. EVER!!!!!

Why would you piss off people in a town that has a team in the playoffs? I know, because they make more money by making you pay for the privilege.

The whole idea behind holding playoffs is to build excitement for the championship by letting as many people as possible see crazy, fun games building up to said title.

There's no reason to buy their bloated "Extra Innings" package here in Atlanta, most every game is on Fox Sports South, ESPN or Fox the Network. But this is the freaking playoffs!

Yeah, sure, I'm betting there is at least one of you who will say, boo-hoo, tough luck dude. To that I say F#!%* you! It's not your team on TV. I know I can get a "Free Trial" of FUBO-TV or find a back channel live stream on Reddit (until it is discovered) and watch.

Too much work....

I work in freaking TV for a living and I understand the process of wanting to get the most eyeballs possible to watch your product. I also get the Braves aren't the Yankees or Dodgers which means we're banished to the 2pm time slot and are the "Expendable" game.

It's the popular misconception that nobody outside New York or Los Angeles cares about any other team. The belief everyone wants to see what the "Big Market" teams do. Which is a 20-year old stereotype/misconception that gets you more enemies than friends.

There's a great big, wide, wonderful world of viewers who care about the teams in their home town. Those people don't live in New York or Los Angeles. There are a ton of fans who won't watch and don't care unless its their team playing. I'm one of those fans.

I know full well me bitching about this isn't changing anything. Heck, go to the @MLBNetwork twitter page and see how happy people in Atlanta are about this. But it doesn't matter either.

I realize MLB is doing this to get people to buy the crap-ass TV/Cable Network that nobody in their right mind who lives in a town that has a team wants to pay for. And I'm well aware if you want to increase your popularity and brand, you make your product available to as many people as you possibly can.

But you keep being you Major League Baseball. You keep doing your best to take one step forward and two steps back when it comes to your vaunted PR and Marketing arms. Keep making sure you alienate as many people as possible by making it impossible for fans to watch your product.

And don't give me this "Pay for it" or "They're entitled to make money" b.s line either. They make plenty of money. Not millions, billions. Don't EVER feel sorry for a professional sport or sports team's bottom line, they are not hurting for money. Even in 2020.


I'm still pretty damn pissed off I can't watch my Braves on TV today but yeah, I'll get over it. Yeah, I'll still be able to determine who wins and who loses as it happens and I get the old-school joy of having to listen to it on the radio like it was a generation ago.

It doesn't make me less angry at the MORONIC ASSHATS who run Major League Baseball, I'll have to get over it.

Because I fully expect my Braves to be playing some more games in the playoffs....

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