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Major League Baseball Can't and Won't Play Isolation Games in Arizona, Right?

By now if you are following and super anxious to see the resumption of Professional Sports, you've heard about the semi-crazy Major League Baseball idea to resume games.

It involves (short version) isolating teams and support staffs in Arizona during the late Spring and early Summer, playing multiple games in a slew of Phoenix area stadiums in front of ZERO fans.

It's a proposal that is in its infancy but has been glommed onto by reporters all over the world as something that MLB is moving forward with. Thus far, the reaction by players has been at best mixed and the logistics of pulling something like this off is mind-boggling and in some respects---dangerous.

The idea is this: Bring teams to Phoenix and put them in hotels in different rooms, have them shuttled to games, play them and go home. No contact with the outside world and a variety or rule variations to reduce the amount of time anyone would be close enough to have any contact with someone else.

If we were in a world were it was not a problem for people to get tested for COVID-19 Virus, maybe this could work. But despite what the politicians are saying---we aren't. In Arizona alone, there is a huge struggle to get test kits. Putting a couple thousand MLB players/employees in a bubble around Phoenix would require them to get tested on a regular basis--likely at the expense of the general public.

This doesn't even include the thoughts of the married players with families who would not be able to do anything other than communicate via Zoom or FaceTime or some other video app. For the younger, single players, this may not be an issue---but for plenty of others it is.

Listen--I get it, Major League Baseball wants to play. The players, coaches, team staffs and others are antsy, restless and chomping at the bit to do something. Heck, we all are in that mode. But there's no reason to force the issue and play because a Sport demands it.

I suspect part of this discussion centers around TV money. Baseball and its teams, much like other sports, relies heavily on TV money and if you don't play, you don't get the money. That, for the leagues and their teams is a big problem.

It's the reason we likely are getting wild proposals like this. I get that it likely was something someone threw out there just as a hypothetical to see if it was feasible. I get that. That's why I don't want to go all crazy and say "Baseball's Back"....

Ideally things will begin to settle down and we'll get a window of time where we can start preparing for a baseball season in some way, shape or form. Even if it starts in June and goes through September---a shorter season if you will, I'm good with that.

I'd rather see them be cautious, wait until it is safe to have people around and start them start playing baseball games.

Until then, we can just chalk up the "Isolation Proposal" as an interesting hypothetical that never happened rather than the excited possibility it currently is being reported as....

Just my 2-cents....

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