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LSU's "Bowl Ban" is laughable as Karma begins catching up

One of life's constants is that no matter what the situation, if you sell your soul, Karma will always catch you. Sure, it sometimes moves faster for some more than others, but Karma is inevitable.

Such is the lot of the LSU Athletic program which appears to have done just that (sold their souls) over the past oh, decade or so. It seems all of those chickens are coming home to roost. At the same time.

Both the basketball and football programs are deep into NCAA investigations for a variety of things. While the allegations are serious, because of who they are, I don't think anyone seriously believes they're going to get a major punishment for it.

But then a funny thing happened. Call it "Instant Karma" or whatever....

This week, the program announced they were imposing a "Bowl Ban" for this season. Yes, that's right. During this pandemic stricken, play if you're able season where the Tigers have struggled just to be 3-5 with two games left, they generously offered to stay away from a bowl game as a show of remorse for their alleged "misdeeds".

Now, mind you, technically, they could have played in a bowl game. The remaining 30 or so games have lowered their qualifications this year to pretty much anyone who's played a game. That would have meant LSU could have gone to a bowl game if they were asked.

But folks, in 2020, this is a BAD football team. Less that one year removed from a national title, the Tigers are not good. Statistically, they have the 117 (out of 130) ranked defense in the FBS. Outside their win over Vandy where they gave up 7 points, they've been awful. And I should note, they're about to play Kyle Trask and the Florida Gators this week, who will likely light them up.

LSU has already imposed some penalties on themselves: Cutting eight scholarships over two years, a recruiting visit reduction, changes in communication and banning former WR Odell Beckham Jr two years for making it rain to the tune of $2000 for some players after last years championship game.

It does not include some other off-the-field issues. USA Today reported in detail about rape allegations against former star RB Derrius Guice that the school allegedly tried to sweep under the rug. The accusations include the school ignoring their Title IX obligations among other things.

It also doesn't touch on basketball, where Coach Will Wade who has his own laundry list of allegations from the NCAA and others, none of which seems to have gotten him in trouble. Yet.

Most recently according to an August report in the Baton Rouge Advocate, Wade was accused of offering or providing money to at least 11 potential "student-athletes" or their families or people proclaiming they represent said athletes.

Before that, Wade was named as a part of an FBI investigation into pay-for-play bribery schemes in College Basketball. He was caught in a wiretap/recorded conversation talking about monetary offers for high-profile recruits.


Through it all, somehow Wade still has his job.

But back to football.

The LSU program's rapid decline in 2020 can be attributed to a lot of things: Pandemic, no spring practice, huge roster turnover and hiring Bo Pelini to coach the defense.

Maybe that is part of the price Karma is extracting from them. Maybe they are due to fall flat on their faces for a couple of seasons. Considering the hyper-prickly alumni and fanbase they have (like most SEC programs), it likely would cost Coach Ed Orgeron his job.

Since Wade is the basketball coach and the SEC doesn't seem to care too much about the sport--god only knows if there will be trouble there.

I suspect the NCAA will impose some sort of penalty on LSU within the next year or two. I doubt seriously it will be severe. And rightfully so.

But don't peddle this stupid "We will forfeit the chance to play in a bowl game" crap. Not this year. It's one thing to fall on a so-called sword when you are 9-2 or 10-1 and competing for something, but not if you are inept and struggling just to stay competitive....

It makes you somewhat of a joke, which based on the reactions of most who read about this "Ban" is exactly the way it was taken....

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