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Leave it to the NFL to Keep Themselves in the Sports Headlines

Never let it be said the NFL missed out on a Sports News cycle.....

In a Sports world currently dominated by cancellations and postponements, the one professional sports league currently not playing games has still managed to grab the attention of Sports Journalists for their off the field headlines.

Sunday brought news the NFL Players Union and Owners agreed to a Collective Bargaining Agreement insuring labor peace for essentially another decade.

Also, over the weekend we got a steady stream of Free Agency moves and trades as teams juggle their salary cap situations with attempts to stay in line or to add to their rosters for the upcoming season which at the current time still will likely be played.

And---the chief topic of said Free Agency, continues to dominate pretty much any discussion of players changing team centers around one Mr. Thomas Brady, late of the New England Patriots.

The 42-year old Quarterbacking legend will this week, likely decide where he'll play football in 2020. The breathless speculation up til this weekend included him going to Tennessee to play for friend and Titans Head Coach Mike Vrabel, which was laughable on multiple levels.

Don't think for a second, this is all a game. Brady will go back to the evil empire and play for the Belichick because they (a) are made for each other and (b) anyone willing to pay him for one season to lead their team to glory is delusional. Yes, the guy is arguably the greatest NFL QB of his generation and possibly all-time. But he's 42, never played for a team other than the Patriots and is not the player he was 10-years ago.

We also have the NFL Draft closing in on us and bored Sports TV and Talk Shows are already on Mock Draft version 23.2. If you don't know what I'm talking about, every website, every talk radio show and every sports show has NFL Experts who speculate about how the draft will play out be predicting what each team will do.

And almost every single one of them are wrong over 50% of the time. Which is why we are subjected to weekly updates.

Listen, I don't hate the NFL for being able to manipulate the system and keep themselves in the headlines even when not playing. In fact, I admire the ability to control the narrative such as they do. It's not an easy trick to pull off and the league manages to do it every Spring, virus cancellations or not.

I suspect as Sports talk runs out of topics to discuss as we wind through the Spring and head to Summer without games, we're only going to hear more NFL talk because at the end fo the day, they still are the elephant in the room when it comes to publicity.

Good or bad, right or wrong, interested or indifferent it really doesn't matter. The old adage of any publicity is good publicity is pretty accurate here.

It's why the NFL wins, they always win.

For now.....

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