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Juwan Howard needs to be suspended for swinging at opposing coach and that's it

Before I get to deep into this--stop talking about eliminating post-game basketball handshakes because a coach got mad and threw a wild swing at an opposing coach.

Just stop. You're being stupid. More in a minute.

Yes, University of Michigan basketball coach Juwan Howard should face punishment for going after a Wisconsin coach after their game on Sunday. Of this there should be no debate.

Altercations like this can't happen. It can't happen in basketball and it can't happen in any other sport. There should be a fine and Howard needs to sit for a game or two.

But that's it.

While this was certainly a bad look, it is NOT the end of the civilized world of sports. It's a coach who mad his team lost, felt like is team, and himself were disrespected and it was made worse after words were exchanged.

That does not in any way shape or form justify losing your cool.

Let's get this out of the way now. Juwan Howard is not even CLOSE to the first coach to lose his temper and do something dumb like this before, during or after a game. Nor will he be the last.

But to sit there on your phone and tweet or post on Facebook that he should be "Fired" for this is the epitome of hypocrisy. There have been players and coaches doing things like this for decades, what makes this incident different?


No, Howard did not really apologize after his post-game news conference which was also not good. Hopefully his Sports Information Director will have a talk with him and explain he needs to apologize for losing his temper. That's it. It's all he needs to do.

Stop with this "He shouldn't be allowed to lead college athlete's" crap, you're been way to damn dramatic. Did Bobby Knight get fired for all the crap he did to players at Indiana? There's documented evidence he grabbed, hit and abused players. The guy threw a chair across the court--DURING--a game. He was not fired.

This incident happened on Wednesday after a North Dakota St. vs. Oral Roberts game. We don't here anyone screaming for these coaches to be fired.

There are numerous incidents of coaches getting into each others faces and in some cases swinging at each other over the years. None of those coaches were fired.

What makes Howard's incident different?

Let's all get off of our high horses and call this what it was: A stupid incident after a basketball game. Not a game-changing, career-altering incident. Period.

Now----all that being said, why are we talking about eliminating the "Post-Game Handshake"? I'm serious. Why? Does it have some sort of deep seated meaning that makes in untouchable? No. Is it something that is largely a symbolic gesture? Yes.

What's wrong with that? This or the NDSU/ORU incident doesn't mean it should stop. It means a couple of people acted the fool and did something they shouldn't have. Why eliminate something because of that?

I know, it's just guys walking by each other saying "good game" and slapping hands while trying to get off the court as quickly as they can. What's wrong with that. It should be a sign of respect. Will it be something that happens without incident for the rest of life as we no it? No. NOTHING in life operates that way.

Why should we eliminate a gesture with a nice intent just because someone acted the fool? Explain that to me, I'd really like to know?

I'll wait.....

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