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It's Time: Michigan Can't Keep Jim Harbaugh as Head Coach

It's now safe to say the University of Michigan will be looking for a new Head Football Coach after this season.

In a world where the big "Power 5" programs dispose of coaches who don't win 10-games minimum per season, Michigan Head Coach Jim Harbaugh has already survived for an eternity. For programs who believe they should be in the College Football playoff every year, not winning so much as a Conference Title is likely going to end your employment.

Harbaugh is 40-15 as the Wolverine Head Coach (as of 9/22/19) in what now is his 5th season. The first four seasons produced 3 teams who won 10 games. Zero of those teams won a Big 10 title though the 2018 edition technically tied for the regular season belt.

The latest---and possibly most painful loss for Michigan came this season vs. Wisconsin in Madison---a game in previous years probably would have been winnable.

Wisconsin led 28-0 at the half and cruised to an easy 35-14 win in a game where the Badgers had the ball for 41 minutes, holding the Wolverines to 40-yards rushing the ball.

It was never close.

Harbaugh has tried his best to broaden the appeal of his team with trips all over the world for practices and camps. He recruited Shea Patterson from Ole Miss two seasons ago and the world thought he finally had his Quarterback to win games.

Now half way through his second season in Ann Arbor, Patterson still looks like he has no idea how to run the offense. It may perhaps be that he isn't as talented as most gave him credit for. But it also speaks to a bigger problem---coaching.

Considering the amount of money Michigan and other "Elite" programs depend on from boosters and donors, at some point there's going to be a need for results. At this point of the season we're looking at a potential 8-4 or 7-5 Wolverine squad going to a late December bowl game.

That ain't gonna cut it.

Harbaugh did wonderful things seemingly a generation ago with Stanford. He had some success with the San Francisco 49ers before the bottom fell out. By most reports he has been a um, challenging person to deal with and slow to adjust to the current "Spread" era of College Football.

He's an Alum and because of that, it won't be easy for the two sides to part ways. I should also add, the Wolverines have already flubbed coaching hires before. Numerous times over the past decade or two so this is a bit of a risky move for them.

But if the school has ambitions to compete with the Ohio State's or even Wisconsin's of the Big 10, never mind anyone in the SEC, it's time to make a change.

Losing 4 or 5 games in 2019 is probably going to give the administration all the ammunition they need to pull the plug.

Bank on it...

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