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I've Never Been More Excited to See the NFL Draft

Yes, you read the headline right, and if you know me, it's a very bold and contrarian-like statement.

Over the years I have mocked the endless parade of year around "Mock Drafts", the over-hyped pomp and circumstance and breathless (and usually wrong) speculation over which team will do what in the annual Draft gathering.

This year---I couldn't be more excited!

Why? Simple, it's live Sports. It's a live event. It's something to replace the endless scouring of Netflix and Amazon Prime looking for things the wife and I can watch together from the comfort of our catch. (BTW--I'm pretty sure she'll watch with me this year)

Sure, team executives have whined and complained about everything from the Security of doing this via Zoom or whichever web app they choose. They've complained and whined about not getting in person time with prospects and worried about communicating with other parts of the front office.

None of those are problems that can't be easily overcome, but yeah, it's different so for the NFL its bad.

Live Sports are without a doubt the thing I, and probably most of you miss with this whole Pandemic/Quarantine thing going on. No, the WWE doing live broadcasts now does not count, that is for a more specific audience.

This time of year, I would be watching baseball most nights--or at least listening to the beloved Atlanta Braves play. I would be texting with my friend Scott over every inning and most of the plays.

Like most teams, the Braves and their Broadcast partners are running old games to fill the programming void. I refuse to watch. Why you ask? Because it will make me miss the real thing much, much more. Just not acknowledging them right now, makes it less painful as I don't have to think about what I'm missing.

Simple, right??

It's the same with the NBA, no, I don't watch a lot of NBA Basketball during the season, but I do watch playoff games. And I will not get to see them either. Watching ABC/ESPN rebroadcasting an old playoff game on a Saturday afternoon hardly fills the void.

Plain and simple, that's why I'm ready for the NFL Draft, I'm ready to see how they pull this off. I'm guessing it will be sorta similar to the most recent "Distancing" version of Saturday Night Live only not with pre-recorded segments.

As much as it sucks, doing it the way it will be done is for the best. It will still give the draftniks (there are plenty), their fix. It will give the rest of us Sports Fans who enjoy the events but don't live, eat and breathe them a nice change of pace from our homeward bound, endless binge watching lives.

And that's a good thing, right??

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