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I may have whiffed on the ability of sports to function in a pandemic...

Yes, I will confess, I was one of the many who thought there'd be no way we could have college or professional sports in 2020 due to COVID-19.

Clearly, I was wrong.

As I write this on Sunday, Sept. 13, 2020, we have in no particular order on TV at the same time:

--NFL Football

--NBA Basketball

--Major League Baseball

The day before gave us not a full, but about half a tank of college football making this one of the best sports weekends of the year (so far).

No, there have not been packed stadiums and there won't be for the foreseeable short-term future. And that's ok. We can have the games without 70,000 people packed shoulder to shoulder potentially sharing the virus with each other right now.

Yes, major props should be given to all these sports for creating situations and testing scenarios where there aren't players playing or congregating and spreading the virus among themselves. It's something most thought 3-months ago wouldn't be possible.

Has it all been perfect? No, it hasn't. There have been hiccups. MLB had to deal with teams breaking protocol and having outbreaks. Those teams lost games and are trying to make up for lost time---but it didn't cancel the season.

The NFL handled things very well, teams had a few issues in training camp but nothing they weren't able to easily manage. The NBA bubble worked well albeit awkwardly at times, but the league is about to finish their season.

Yes, college football has had some problems too. The Big 10 and Pac 12 punted starting their seasons when everyone else did. Several teams have had to postpone or cancel games on short notice due to outbreaks. College students as a whole haven't exactly handled what needs to be done to keep things from spreading, which is a whole separate issue. But they are playing and its quite possible things will get better as they go.

Yes, I am admitting I was wrong. If you go back i the archive on this site, you can probably find multiple instances where I thought none of this would ever or should ever have happened. At the time, it was based on information at hand during the time period and not knowing whether or not any sport could manage exposure or control what was going on.

The longer this all dragged out, more ways developed for teams to keep the virus under some form of control

I did not give any of the teams or leagues enough credit for this.

I do still stand by the idea we are not ready to allow full crowds though. Crowds are helpful but totally not necessary to have a game. They bring a level of energy and excitement the empty stadiums just plain can't match.

No, there is no compelling to rush crowds back into stadiums at this time. I know that doesn't fit the narrative for certain groups but prove me wrong.....(true facts only please)

No, by any means do I believe things are back to "normal" and I honestly don't know how long before things will, if they ever do, return to what we perceive as being "normal". But being able to watch NFL games, being able to pull for my Braves in a pennant race of some sorts makes me happy.

Even if I overstated and underestimated the ability for us to get to this point....

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