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Does the Gronk Trade to Tampa Really Mean Anything?

So, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers have reunited Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski. In a world where we have very little sports news, this move has been blaring from pretty much all the Sports News factories as a "Huge" thing with many proclaiming the Bucs "Super Bowl Champs".

To quote a certain College Football Sports personality; "Not so fast my friend"....

Yeah, sure in terms of name recognition, headline grabbing and at one point, skills, maybe we're onto something. But alas we're living in 2020 right now. Brady is 42 and at a point where some wonder if he's the same guy he was 10-years ago.

As for Gronk? We'll, just last month--or was it last week? I don't know because while Sheltering in Place, time has pretty much come to a standstill....Gronokowski had just signed a deal to work in the WWE.

You'll recall him appearing with arguably the lamest wrestling intro of all-time and being your "Host" for Wrestlemania weekend...

As an added bonuse---Gronkowski is the current WWW 24/7 Champ. For those not up to speed--it means you get to say you are a champ and have to defend it "Anytime/anywhere"...within of course scripted constraints....

The WWE made that abundantly clear afte word Gronkowski got traded from New England to Tampa Bay got out and he announced he was "Un-Retiring from football.

And while the idea of this happening would be both awesome and absolutely hilarious, I'm pretty confident there is less than a zero percent chance the humorless NFL would allow it.

For Tom Brady's part---well, let's just say the GOAT had some fun with the news.

Humor aside, the question is still out there---What (if anything) does this actually mean??

Probably not much. Gronkowski for all of his freakish athletic accomplishments as one of the brest Tight Ends in NFL History isn't the same guy he was just a few years ago. Injuries and fatigue wore him down. When he retired, the guy was heavily damaged goods. Sure, maybe the year off helped and he can capture some of the "Old Magic" but the Buccaneers are an entirely different team than any itineration of the Belichek era Patriots.

Already loaded with two very good Tight Ends, O.J. Howard and Cameron Brate to say nothing of elite WR's Mike Evans and Chris Godwin it will be very interesting to see how all of these guys fit together. (Howard is rumored to be traded soon)

Call the Bucs "New England Lite" or "Patriots South" or whatever joke that fits---this should be an interesting chemistry experiment. Does it equate to success? Maybe a little in 2020, though the NFC South is no cake walk with the Saints, a rebuilding Carolina and occasionally dangerous Atlanta Falcons team in it.

Heck, maybe I'm wrong and way too premature but I don't see it. Even assuming they make the playoffs, the Bucs are right back in rebuilding mode next season without Brady or likely Gronk and no real developmental QB on the horizon.

It's the ultimate "All-In" poker move which hey, maybe will pay off. Or maybe it won't. I guess if you are the Glazer family and want a title--this is your shot. If you are 69-year old Bruce Arians, well, this is your title shot. Any way you slice it, the attention your team is getting just increased 1000-fold. Better take advantage of it.

The future--while for some may be bright...I have my questions FWIW worth if one of Pro Sports least successful franchises can buy themselves a year of success, then maybe it will be worth it....

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