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Does everyone have a social media stalker like ESPN stalks Aaron Rodgers?

Is there really anyone in life worth making a big deal over any time they put something on social media? Seriously, I want to know.

I'm not a big fan of social media thought I certainly participate in it. I just don't use it as much or for the things that many others do. And I think that's ok, right?

I bring this up because I'm starting to wonder if someone at ESPN is social media stalking Green Bay Packers QB Aaron Rodgers. Maybe I'm the one overreacting, but is a social media post by a 37-year-old very good football quarterback something that should dominate the conversation of at least one if not more news cycles?

I should add, they do this ANY time the all-star, future Hall-of-Fame quarterback posts anything on social media.

On Monday, Rodgers penned a lengthy Instagram post thanking his teammates and a multitude of others for their friendship and support over the past year or so. ESPN treated it like some sort of cryptic, coded message.

Yes, I realize that the ESPN morning gab fest called "Get Up", their primary focus is finding topics to yak about with their group of "experts". It is to some extent talk radio on TV where they pick something provocative and make it into the biggest thing going on a given day.

It's kind of what they do.

This morning (Tuesday), the first nearly 30-minutes of the show, beginning at the top, was devoted to the subject of the above post. Breathless analyzation of what it might mean for his future going forward, was it a message, does it mean he's leaving? No stone was left uncovered.

What was truly funny about all of this was that one of their so-called experts, former Pittsburgh Steelers DB Ryan Clark basically said everything I just said when he was asked about it.

The funniest part of Clark's rant was at the end when the show's host, Mike Greenburg basically shrugged off what Clark said and continued the breathless discussion.

Hey, listen, I get it. Shows like this one exist purely for the ability to talk about a particular topic and fill time on a 24-hour network in desperate need of programming that might get someone to tune in. I've been in TV a long, long time, I fully understand how it now works.

This show in particular exits strictly to talk ad nauseam about the NFL and the NBA. They really don't get into much of anything else.

This is my rant for the day, I know and fully understand I'm old and probably don't quite understand the idea a social media post is something that should carry the weight of the world in part because I grew up in an era before it existed.


And don't misunderstand, it's not just Rodgers. Tom Brady gets the same treatment when the team isn't talking about the Dallas Cowboys, a team that painfully few people outside Texas really like.

Ok, I'm finished now. I'm going to now move ahead, publish this and then share it on social media with the hope someone will read it.

And if I'm lucky, maybe I'll find someone who loves what I say like ESPN does with Aaron Rodgers.

Or maybe not...

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