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Did Anyone Ask How "Players Weekend" Jersey's Would Look on TV or in Stadiums Before Saying OK?

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We all know MLB is just like the NFL and NBA when it comes to "Marketing Opportunities". Any variations of the standard jersey they can create and generate extra revenue---well, you can bet at some point in time you'll see it.

This past weekend Major League Baseball jumped on the bandwagon with their 2nd "Players Weekend". All teams either dressed in "Home Whites" or "Road Blacks"---and well, it's a good thing we've long since passed the "Black and White" TV era because it was about as bad a look as it possibly have been.

Watch the video. If not for scoreboard graphics and the signage around the stadium--would you know what you're seeing?

Um, no, no you wouldn't because the wonderful monochromatic color scheme's melded into each other so it essentially looked like the white splotches playing the black splotches.

Here's a little more nuanced explainer former Professional Videographer (myself) as to why outside maybe this hideous idea by the NFL to use Red and Green jersey's which colorblind people can't see...

....using all black and all white was a horribly bad decision.

#1: Video Cameras are color balanced to the color white. That unto itself isn't a bad thing---it allows the chips inside the camera to register all colors as they actually look given the temperature of the light in the area. (Day light is roughly 56K, Night 32K---without a color balance, the camera likely will show the area as blue and the colors some combination of the jersey's mixed with blue)

#2: Video engineers at large events such as Baseball games are constantly balancing and tweaking the color to make it look correct for each and every second of the game.

#3: During the day, the brighter light will make it more difficult for the camera or for the naked eye to see what is in a pure white jersey with no contrast or trim. It looks like a white blob. Same issues with all black. And---the same problem is at play at night. Same exact problem.

And hey, listen, it's not just the folks on TV who couldn't see the team logos or the "Catchy" nicknames on the back of the jersey's. If you were in a stadium---same problem. Totally the same.

I'm not trying to be a "Fuddy-Duddy" (look it up), if new tweaks on jersey's are another way to get people out to see games, I'm all for it. But, if you are going to do it, put a little thought into it.

The monochromatic jersey problem--easily avoidable. Ask someone who has even the smallest bit of technical video skill and they'd have told you, bad idea. Ask someone who has trouble seeing colors if monochromatic colors are a good idea and you'll learn it isn't.

But hey, Professional Sports Leagues have entire "Marketing" and "Technical" departments who should know things like this.

If only someone would ask them.....

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