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Coronavirus and Sports: Well That Changed Quickly

Look at it this way: Sports as we know it are on an Extended Spring Break.

In case you haven't noticed--pretty much every Sport...and Sporting Event along with a large chunk of our daily lives have officially been put on hold. Most aren't totally cancelled---just postponed (ppd).

For some of us, this is going to present some entertainment quandaries. We're going to miss the Final Four, Major League Baseball's opening day, Golf, NBA Basketball, NASCAR and more.

What are we going to do without our sports to entertain us?

Oh, long as that works, all is safe with the world, right??

When the overlords at Augusta National postpone The Masters, you know we've got a problem. Which is exactly what happened today and no, they couldn't figure out a way to buy their way around it.

The question a lot of you---and occasionally me have asked is: Is this all necessary? And frankly with the reading I've done so far (I've had time), prompts me to believe yes, it is.

No, it is not because if we went to a basketball game we'd all get Coronavirus and die, the likelihood of it is still somewhat remote. Believe it or not---this is all a preventative measure which is according to most scientists the best way to flatten out the spread.

If you want to know what the difference is---look at it like this: The likelihood of you getting Covid-19 and dying is slim, the possibility of you getting it is much, much more probable. If you go to an event where 20 people have it and 20,000 are in attendance, the likelihood of those 20,000 getting infected increases exponentially. You...and I probably know someone who has it...or has some symptoms, but probably does not feel bad enough to go to their doctor to get checked.

So your next question might be this: So what if people get it and aren't going to die? We all get colds or the flu at some point. Well, lack of perspective's the simplest explanation you can find (if you are willing to look)....

The less public gatherings we have, the less people potentially get infected. It doesn't eliminate the possibility but does lower it considerably. It also means the less chance of a million people defending on their doctors or local emergency rooms en masse, overloading a decrepit Health Care system that barely functions at times without an infections pandemic. Which is really the biggest concern right now.

That's the bottom line....well, because...

Well, that and pretty much every single person with a medical or virological background has said it too.

Don't make me go into how we got here because it is messy and really, really political. But I will say, having a bureaucracy in place for such things may cost a lot of money and may make for a great political stump speech, but there's a reason for some of these agencies and departments and "Experts" to exist. I hope you all understand that.....

Like everything else, over time, these Sports will return and will survive. Do not fret over the owners and operators and athletes, they have plenty of financial wherewithal to get by.

If you want to worry about a group in need, how about the stadium workers and behind the scenes employees who work on a freelance or short term contract basis. Worry about the guy making $10 an hour to serve hot dogs at a concession stand now with nothing to do.

To their credit, and I mentioned this previously, the NBA is recognizing this. Mark Cuban, owner of the Dallas Mavericks has already committed to pay those employees. Tony Ressler of the Atlanta Hawks has done the same. Kevin Love, who plays for the Cleveland Cavaliers has pledged $100,000 to help pay for Cleveland folks affected (even if his team owner hasn't).

Let's hope the volunteers and people impacted by these Sporting Events being cancelled get some help, they are the ones who need it. Me...and likely you, we'll bitch, moan and grumble about being unable to do much outside our own neighborhoods even though interacting with your neighbors might not be the worst punishment in the world for some. We have moderate incomes that likely at least in the short term, won't be impacted.

Let's also hope this makes more of you aware of the failure and shortcomings of not having a combined National Voice and rallying point to get ahead of things instead of looking for people to blame. We can't continue on the path we've been heading on, whether you agree politically or not. Having a witty soundbite to say "You're fired" or we don't need your agency and team so we can lower the budget isn't always the wisest approach to the perils of everyday life.

At the end of the really kind of boils down to this: You never know how much you need something until you find out it once existed and now doesn't. Just because you don't always think about it doesn't mean you should ignore it. Ignorance my friends is not always so bliss....

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