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Complain if you will, but you'd love to have Tom Brady on your team

It never ceases to amaze me how many of my friends whine and complain every time Tom Brady makes it to the Super Bowl.

Which I guess means nearly every other year, they're shaking their collective heads.

There are few athletes more polarizing for some reason among NFL fans. Those fans who by the way I find incredibly hypocritical when they "whine and complain" about Brady playing in the Super Bowl again. I say this because EVERY single one of them would be ecstatic to have the guy playing and winning for their team.

If you are someone who says "I'd never want him quarterbacking my team"---you are lying to yourself. There is not, nor should there be any real debate now about him being the GOAT of NFL QB's. If it means your team goes to the Super Bowl, you'd take the guy in a heartbeat.

Hey, listen, I'm not a huge fan of the individual, he does some really weird things off the field, but I totally respect what he's done on it and am in awe of his skill. The guy is really is that good.

How many NFL QB's at the age of 43, move to another team and in their first season take that team to the Super Bowl? Go ahead, I'm waiting for your list.....

For those of you who say "Well, he won because he was on the Patriots", I would argue the Patriots won because they had him. At age 42, his last in New England, Brady took an awful roster and made it to the playoffs at 12-4. He left and with essentially the same roster, they went 7-9 this season.

Fast forward to 2020-21 and the same guy, a year older goes south to Tampa Bay a team with a MUCH better supporting cast but horrible results. In 2019, with Jameis Winston at QB, the Bucs were 7-9. This year with Brady 11-5 and yes, they're in the Super Bowl.

Outside his personal TE Rob Gronkowski and WR Antonio Brown, the Bucs are essentially the same team with a different QB and much, much different results.

Listen, if I have to sell you on why Tom Brady is the Greatest NFL QB of All-Time, I'm probably wasting my time. You'll say something like "I hate him" or "He's a dick" or "He's always in the Super Bowl". That doesn't speak anything about his talent and/or skill now, does it? Name someone who's accomplished more?

John Elway? He played in five Super Bowls, Joe Montana, four. Peyton Manning, yeah, he played in four also. Brady has won six times. Six....

If you aren't going to watch this years Super Bowl to see the Bucs play the Kansas City Chiefs because Tom Brady is playing in it, that's a much bigger statement about you than it is him. You're missing a piece of athletic history.

I fully intend to watch. Why not? How many athletes have gotten to compete for the Championship in their field 10 times? How many have won SIX World Championships and been the Most Valuable Player in four of those games?

Come on, let's have a list or debate? Anyone?

It saddens me to see people hate someone because they win all the time. It's not their fault they win. Hating the player instead of the game sounds to me like a bit of jealousy, but I could be wrong.

At the end of the day, if you don't want to watch the same guy playing for the World Championship that's your choice. If you are a friend and disagree with me, hey, I'm just sharing my opinion.

I can't sit here and say I'm thrilled to see the same guy winning over and over and over again because it means my team isn't winning enough. But that would never be the reason I would cast aspersions on someone who's had all that success, clearly he's doing something right.

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