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College Football Week 6: Where was the Defense?

Holy crap! I always thought in College Football defense is ahead of offense on pretty much every level.

Clearly after last weeks embarrassing slate of defensive performances, I'm wrong.

So many "good" teams showed little or no resistance to offensive teams they should dominate. No struggle more glaring than Alabama trying to contain Lane Kiffin's Ole Miss Rebels.

No, Ole Miss didn't win, 'Bama held them off 63-48.

Yes, a Nick Saban coached team gave up 48 to Ole Miss. Though if you watch the twitter video above, you can see why.

The Crimson Tide weren't the only SEC team to um, not figure out this playing defense thing.

The highly overrated Florida Gators, they made Texas A&M QB Kellen Mood look like Johnny Manziel. Mond has done little to nothing as an SEC QB, but he racked 338 passing yards with 3 TD's and no turnovers. The Aggies beat Florida 41-38 by rolling for 543 yards of offense.

Then there's the defending National Champs, LSU. The Bayou Bengals have stopped pretty much nobody in starting the season 1-2. They were torched in Week 1 by Mississippi State, who scored 2 whole points in a game vs. Kentucky. This past week, true freshman QB for Missouri, Connor Bazelak lit them up for over 400 yards and 4 TD's as Mizzou rolled to a 45-41 win.

If you're wondering about anyone outside the SEC. There's Oklahoma, who won last week 53-45 over Texas, though Longhorn QB Same Ehlinger accounted for 6 TD's--by himself.

I bring all of this up for a reason or two: The biggest being, all things in College Football being equal, we know who the best teams already are.

Alabama, Clemson, Georgia and probably Ohio State could be your College Football Playoff this year. It would be really hard to argue against it. The drop-off between them and most everyone else in the FBS is extreme.

For all the talk of crappy defense Georgia's is pretty damn good. Big, strong, fast and nasty. They are the one exception so far in 2020. Will it be enough to make up for a decent but not great offense? We're about to find out.

Even if UGA doesn't beat Bama, they are pretty clearly head and shoulders above almost everyone outside the "Big 3".

Don't get me wrong--I'd love to see someone leapfrog them, but it ain't happening. College Football's playoff is largely a PR contest and the Big 4 are and will get all the love. (Yes, I know tOSU hasn't played yet, but they're loaded...again)

I hope I'm wrong here. Really I do. I'd love to see a Group of 5 team steal the show and leapfrog one of the traditional power but it ain't happening. I'd even be ok seeing a Pac 12 team get in, even with the limited schedule (not likely, even if it is Oregon).

But in the year 2020, where almost everything that could have gone wrong has, College Football has been a constant. The games are still super exciting and nobody truly knows what to expect.

Plus, we get a "Game of the Century" this season, Alabama vs. Georgia coming up this week.

So we got that going for us, which is nice....

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