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College Football teams should "opt-out" of Bowl Season

College Football has been on one hell of a rollercoaster ride this season and on occasion we've seen some absolutely brilliant things.

Of course we've seen some pretty stupid this...

But the "shoe throw" is a whole separate story....

I've said multiple times in the past couple of months, the College Football postseason is stupid. In a regular year, it's functional (sort of) but stupid. In 2020, there's nothing good about it.

As we approach Dec. 19's "Championship Week", said championships are largely irrelevant, there's very little they will change.

Short of Notre Dame destroying Clemson in the ACC Championship, we know for sure that Alabama, Clemson, Notre Dame and Ohio State are playing in the College Football Playoff.

And don't think for a moment, COVID-19 included, that the playoff doesn't get played. It's happening. I would not bet on anyone beating Alabama at this point, but really, this is about a dull a playoff as I could possibly imagine.

All that being said---since we know who will be in the playoff, the next question rolls back to the rest of the games. Will they be played? Should they be played?

Or my question: Why play them?

Sure, it's a somewhat rhetorical question. I know full well and you should too that most bowl games exist for the sole purpose of lining ESPN and the bowl committee's pockets. They are not profitable for teams and for the handful of fans who might travel to them, it's a big expense.

Which is only magnified is thousands upon thousands get infected with COVID-19 and over 3,000 a day die from it.

Yeah, I know I went on the record last month and said College Football should power through the season. They've done it. We've hit the final week. By and large, they got a season in. At least on the Football Bowl Subdivision level.

Sure, some teams played more games than others, but they played. Not necessarily with many if any people in attendance, but they played.

It begs a big, big question though. If we're dealing with so many COVID cases, why should we hold meaningless bowl games? Why should we have teams trying to travel as the virus just infects more and more people for a game that won't be played in front of fans, friends or family? Why should we put the people having to work in a stadium for a meaningless game at risk?

It's not like the teams can even participate in the traditional "bowl" activities like going to the host cities version of what passes for tourist destinations. Nor can they hold the "steak" eating championship or whatever else it is they do for alleged fun.

At best they fly in the night before the game, they play, they leave. Who benefits from that?

Why should a program be forced to spend money on a bowl game that means absolutely nothing to them? They've already spent a crap ton of money this season....

No, I'm not a fan of the bowl system even in a normal year. Much like polls and power rankings, they're largely useless things put on for everyone other than the players and coaches.

Bowl games are a totally outdated, antiquated form of football from a bygone era. They mean nothing and usually cost schools more money than they take in. They're often barely a "break-even" proposition. Yet they continue to exist.

I say cancel the bowl games this season. Don't play them. The risk of one or ten getting canceled due to the coronavirus is pretty darn high at this point. What's the point of paying to travel to a meaningless game only to not play it?

Prove me wrong....

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